Type Restriction Tournament - Round 1

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Activity post. I am waiting to here back from my opponent to schedule a time. His team was approved, but he hasn't even written in this thread yet.
I'm paying 70 cents a minute to say this, but I'm going to be out of the country and without internet until the 11th of July (will return at 6pm Eastern US, and could do match that night). Would it be acceptable to get the deadline extended until then?

Team PM going out tomorrow, along with a message to Megan Fox.

Usually constantly available, but at these prices I cant afford to be during this Europe trip.
I'm going to send in my team tonight, and then likely battle tonight or tomorrow after that. Lakers and I have been in contact, though, so no worries there.
confirming, sorry, it was pretty early in the game and it could have been avoided too but tfp i guess

played stupidly, but I guess that's the price for playing when tired in the early hours of the morning
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