Data Usage-Based Tier Update for December 2023

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To be fair Wo-Chien is currently ranked higher on the Viability List for RU than a lot of mons that stayed in the tier, I haven’t played a ton so not sure if this has changed recently or if it’s just not being used in proportion to its actual viability. Scream Tail as well though she tends to always have some niche in every tier even if she’s not amazing in any.
I just tried Wo-Chien in NU for the past 2 hours and my gosh is he the most mid thing to roam the tier. If he really is better in RU than he is/will be in NU, that would be interesting
>> National Dex OU (1630 stats)
>> | 21 | Banette-Mega | 7.381% |

*in medic voice*
I have no idea
wow he is still not even in the top half of usage, but better than #35

also, Koraidon has an 8% usage lead over Miraidon, Skeledirge continues to dunk on Rayquaza, the Origin Trio, 16 forms of GOD, and just about every other legendary, along with being #8 in UU and #36 in OU, Skeledirge stays winning.

Ninetales is lower rated than Vulpix, uh a word???
Playerbase: To the charge of being in a higher tier than your evoloved form, what do you plead, assuming the sentenc is dropping to PU?
Vulpix: NUH-UH
Playerbase: ...fym nuh-uh?
Also, does anyone else see the words Toxapex: #34?
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Hold up, they now have a zubl and zu list? This is the best change ever. No longer will I have to have two showdown tabs open to see what is banned from zu. (I know you can know just by going into the zu teambuilder or the zu forum,but let me have my fun.)
Finally, ZU exists, after all these years
Oi who let mabo into ZU
The playerbases usage of it, or lack there of
This is a lesson about why communism suck-
Yeah, but this NU is weaker. Again, hopefully it's good here now.
It does heavily punish Rotom-Mow leads, just putting it out there.
While in BST that might be true, Tera makes Pokémon better, and removing Megas and Z-Moves does help lower power creep. However, we got Glastrier, Wo-Chien, Umbreon, and just several Pokémon that shut down Ambipom
Marty hold up this is serious
The world will be in complete unimperfectability which quantum entanglementedicated a puenovolcanicovirus homosapienbeing
Basically this is disasterous
1. Marty has no control over it????
2. The NU council already freed most of NUBL

Also super happy ZU was added into PS!
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