UUFPL IV - Chapter 4 : The Conqueror


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Round 4 Predictions. Late again, oops... it's been a rough week.

Fc v. Teh
Fc played another good set last week and appears to be back in form. It's cool to see Teh in again, but I think Fc wins here with better tier knowledge and more experience.

gastlies v. Maris Bonibell
I would very much like to bold Maris here, but my steadfast allegiance to my initial Player PR has gotten me pretty far and I don't want to stray quite yet. Maris played some excellent early-games last week.

UnownDragon v. NotVeryCake
Again, I will be politely asking you to just trust me when I say I was planning to do this.

pac v. Tree69420
I think Tree is just playing the best RBY UU in the pool right now (aside from maybe River; did y'all see that set?), so it's hard to bold against him.

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