Tournament UUWC I - Signups

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Name: LpZ
Tiers Played: ORAS / BW / DPP / ADV
Primary Eligibility: Brazil
Secondary Eligibility: n
Interested in Captaincy?: n
Significant Time Missed: n


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Name: r0ady
Tiers Played: bw UU
Primary Eligibility: south
Secondary Eligibility: north east maybe?
Interested in Captaincy?: no
Significant Time Missed: No

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Name: Codsauce
Tiers Played: SS SM ORAS
Primary Eligibility: US NE
Secondary Eligibility: Rest of US
Interested in Captaincy?: Negative
Significant Time Missed: Negative
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Name: Eternal Spirit
Tiers Played: All
Primary Eligibility: Brazil
Secondary Eligibility: None
Interested in Captaincy?: If nobody wants to take it you gotta delete the team, cause im never managing in this shit
Significant Time Missed: I would like to miss this tournament but i have plenty of free time atm
Name: Socrates1o1
Tiers Played: SS UU, SM UU, ORAS UU
Primary Eligibility: Europe
Secondary Eligibility: no
Interested in Captaincy?: Yes
Significant Time Missed: no
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