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approved by Irpachuza and notably not by the Nome Common Council

Welcome to Metro Nome signups have begun! As New Republic discussed late last year, climate change has changed northern Alaskan financial incentives and business proposition! If you don't get up and get in now, you'll miss out. Metro Nome, the downtown city center, contains a mix of new business, the old heart of the city, and one of the United States' northernmost major ports. Alaska is not all Juneau, Fairbanks, Anchorage, and the valley! The biggest state in the union has much to explore, and what better place to start than in Metro Nome!

On a more serious note, I'd be a bit cruel if I took advantage of a funny name to provide some levity without addressing some serious issues connected to some things I am making jokes of. If you wish for fun and enjoyment and don't want a dampener, close this spoiler tag, sign up for the tournament, and enjoy.

Alaska and its inhabitants are at serious risk of danger as a result of climate change. The native people, the Iñupiaq, struggle with a common issue shared amongst native North American populations of being left behind technologically and logistically and having their cultural heritage diminished or erased by non-native development in their home region. This is exacerbated by the literal destruction of their environment at the hands of climate change.

While I can't verify the following charities or organizations as being fully legitimate or worth your attention, feel free to do your own investigations and find something worth sending a donation to. - protecting Alaska's lands from for-profit resource extraction - supporting Iñupiaq women and children who are disadvantaged

Tournament Rules:
  • Use the [Gen 9] Metronome Battle format for all games.
  • This is not a part of the Random Battles Circuit. No prize is awarded for this tournament.
  • Best of 5, single elimination.
  • All replays must be posted.
  • Tournament rules must be followed.
  • If you do not contact your opponents publicly on Smogon and your game goes unplayed for whatever reason, you will get flipped.

Signups will end March 3rd, 11:59 PM GMT.
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