In-Game Articles

Welcome to Smogon's collection of In-Game articles!

At its core, Pokémon is a game that you can take with you anywhere, on your Game Boy or your Nintendo DS. To reflect this, Smogon has an entire section dedicated to the most competitive experience possible on physical Pokémon cartridges. Whether you want to impress your friends when you whip out your shiny Palkia, or if you want to conquer the Battle Frontier, there is an article written by one of Smogon's own community members that will meet your needs. Of course, since Smogon is the premier website for competitive Pokémon, you can be sure that all the information you will find has been rigorously tested by diligent authors and researchers.

Smogon is dedicated to the competitive aspects of Pokémon, and the content of the In-Game section stays true to this philosophy. The articles here will give you the knowledge required to breed and capture Pokémon with natures and IVs fit for any given set. They will walk you through the process of giving your Pokémon the EVs it will need to reach its full competitive potential. They can provide you with the knowledge needed to create a team that will rip through the Battle Tower, or provide you with a comprehensive database of the Pokémon that you will find there. They may even come in the form of item lists that will help you locate the items that will help your Pokémon gain the upper hand in battle. The only things that will not be covered by Smogon's experts are the diversions not related to competitive battles; while Contests and the Pokéathlon may be fun, they do not relate to battle, and do not fall within the Smogon University syllabus.

Pokémon is a game with countless nuances, so the In-Game coverage is constantly expanding and evolving, much like the monsters themselves. If you would like to help provide the most detailed competitive articles on the Internet, check out the In-Game Expansion project on the forums. We hope you find a way to make use of the information found here at Smogon University.