IRC Status

Have you ever noticed those unique characters next to the names you see on IRC? Have you ever wondered what those characters actually mean? They are the representations of status on our IRC channels. Status is given to users who make the effort to be helpful and active in IRC. It also comes with privileges, such as being able to talk even when the chat is muted, or even being able to kick other users. A list of status in decreasing order and the symbols that represent them can be found in the #pokemon status list.

Problems with OPs

OPs, the members who run the channel, usually have authority when it comes to bans and channel specific desicions. If you find yourself being unfairly treated or abused by these members, please read the rules to make sure you aren't breaking any. If you are convinced that the abuse is unwarranted, PM the other SOPs or Founders of the channel. These members can be found in the full status lists.