Editors' Notes

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Welcome to the very first issue of The Player! In the past few months, we've come a long way from the webzine's inception to now. This issue features 10 articles (including this piece) as well as some fantastic cover art by Blue Frog, who also created the webzine's logo. This issue's design is all in blue—the primary color of PS too. Quarkz and Quinella assisted with creating the issue layout (they added the sliding effect) and we'll be looking to improve on that in the coming issues.

This particular issue includes MattL's first volume of The Gossiper, a satirical take on events on PS, Electrolyte's analysis on the weird and wonderful usernames on PS, and an interview with Leader and an editor of this publication, Scene, as voted by the public poll. Issue 1 also contains various guides as well as a look at all the news and promotions within the last month on the sim.

We hope you enjoy this issue and we look forward to the feedback!

~Scene and Vacate

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