A Guide to: Roleplaying on PS!

By Skitty. Art by Nerina.
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Whether you come on PS solely for battling, or you enjoy frequenting rooms, you have probably heard about the Roleplaying room. The Roleplaying room is a highly enjoyable room that people of any age can come in to join in on the fun! In this article, I will walk you through the basics of the room, how to succeed in it, our most popular RPs and how they work, and the meaning of some commonly used phrases that you'll see there.


Some may think that the Roleplaying room is just people mindlessly spamming /me all the time, with no real goal to reach or specific thing to do, but it's quite the contrary. Every single user in the room has a say in what the next RP is, who the host will be (if there is one), and how long the RP will last. We use the poll making site called strawpoll.me that many of you are aware of. The cycle starts when someone asks a room staff member (%, @, or #) for permission to get ideas from the chat on which RP they should put on the poll. When the poll maker gets enough ideas, (preferably five or more) he/she posts the poll into chat and the users vote on which RP they want to do next.

To end an RP, anyone can ask for permission to post a poll, and if a majority (at least 55%) of the users want to end the RP, it ends. After that, someone takes ideas for a new RP, and the cycle continues. We have a rule in the Roleplaying room that two RPs cannot be done back to back, to add diversity to the room and to make sure all RPs have a chance to get played.

Hosting an RP is done differently, as only certain RPs require a host (such as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Murder Mystery, et cetera). Hosts are also decided from polls, and once you become a host, you can add your own unique twists to the RP!

Popular RPs

There is an RP of every style that every user will love. Believe it or not, we aren't just for 12 year olds! We have everything from a free-for-all type of RP to an RP in a school setting where everyone has a schedule and classes with teachers and a principal.

Freeroam is by far our most popular RP, and as its name suggests, it's basically a freeroam. You can be a Pokemon, a trainer, or a gijinka, and the only rule to this RP is that there are no legendary Pokemon allowed. There isn't much to explain about this RP, just have fun with your friends and do what you want!
Conquest is definitely for the PS! user who loves battling. This RP gets it's name from the game Pokemon Conquest, which features warlords of different kingdoms based off of one type conquering other kingdoms. This RP is both a mix of RPing and competitive battling. In Conquest, somebody calls types and whoever PMs them first while they are calling the type gets to become the warlord of said type. After that, warlords are to make a monotype team, with only one legend or one mega, and then go about conquering kingdoms to become the leader of the land! This RP is over either when it is ended by a poll, or if a brave warlord successfully conquers all of the kingdoms.
Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery is very similar to what is done in the Mafia room. In this RP, there are three roles: Innocents, Killers, and the host. The host creates the setting and how the RP is going to play out. They choose the killers, and the killers try to slowly kill off all of the innocents before the innocents find out who they are and vote for them on the poll that decides who dies. The goal for the innocents is to try to kill off all of the killers, and vice versa. This can be one of most diverse RPs, because it's basically up to the host's wild imagination to how it goes, so watch out!
This RP is one of the more structured ones we have. There are many roles that you can take in the RP, such as a student, a teacher, or the principal (usually decided by a poll). The host for this RP calls out which class those who want to teach would like to teach in, and then those classes are all played out as the day goes on. There are some fun classes in this RP, such as "combat" and "battle training". Users who would enjoy this RP are ones who like it when things are meticulously planned out and structured well.

Roleplaying words to know

You will find some specific terms in RP that you may have not heard before, so here is a brief explanation of some of them.

This means "Out of Character". You use this when you want to say something outside of the RP, and you do this by putting your message in double parentheses.
This refers to our private room, AmphyRP. In Amphy, we host longer, more plot-based RPs that offer a more enriched roleplaying experience for those who want a different feel than the fast pace of the main room.
This sounds similar to OOC, but it isn't. OC means "Original Character," which is a unique character with its own personality, backstory, and more.
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