So what really makes The Happy Place, well, "Happy"?

By shaymin. Art by Regime.
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Hello everyone! Shaymin here, and am I glad to see you (well, I'm not literally seeing you, but you know what I mean)! This article is going to inform of you all of the Pokémon Showdown! room known as The Happy Place. In essence, this is going to cover the dos and don'ts, as well as cover any misconceptions and hopefully answer a lot of questions some folks may have about the room.

"Alright, so...what is The Happy Place, anyway?"

Glad you asked! The Happy Place is a rather unique room that differs itself from other rooms in the sense that it's primarily focused on, established a foundation on, and relishes in its community. That might seem like a weird sentence at first, but hold up! Not done yet! The reason why I say this is because The Happy Place, at its very core, is a venting room.

Now, reading that sentence, I know what most of you might think: "Why would anyone go on a Pokémon Server just to vent?" You make a sound argument, friend, but there's two sides to that kind of reasoning. We're the kind of people who you would go to if you have no one else to go to about something, but want to get it off your chest nonetheless.

You'd be surprised that, yes, so many users have indeed chosen the route to vent their issues to us. These dilemmas range from coping with anxiety/depression (or a loved one who may have it), to any sort of relationship issues, and yes, we've even truly gotten suicidal people before. Trust me when I say that when dealing with these unfortunate situations, you are truly in the heat of the moment, so to speak, so the kind of advice you would give would more or less matter. Above all, being a shoulder would matter most to a lot of users rather than the kind of advice you would give (that is, as long as it isn't terrible advice).

Now that we have that out of the way, I hope you have at least a good understanding of what our room is about! Now to get into some more stuff that might possibly be asked!

"Gee, that sounds pretty depressing. I thought it was supposed to be The HAPPY Place?"

Ah yes, I did mention that in the title of this article; I would explain what would make The Happy Place "happy" after all. To get to the point (I actually kind of spoiled it in the first paragraph, oops), it's the community. This sounds cheesy, but when you vent your issues in the room, you'd be taken aback at how even anonymous strangers on the internet would be willing to lend a shoulder.

Though do keep in mind the obvious: yes, we are a venting room first and foremost, but please do not share sensitive information that you wouldn't otherwise share with anyone else. This is a public room, and anyone can read what you've posted. That being said, only share what you are comfortable with sharing.

However, once you've spent an extended amount of time in The Happy Place, I firmly believe that you'll grow attached to just how playful everyone is in general! You see, the room isn't always filled with those tense and perhaps worrying moments when you're consoling someone on an issue. It's filled with craziness (the good kind), not gonna lie, and it's that craziness and the reactions that come out of users when we, the community, give them a shoulder, that I've remained here for quite a while (I think around a year? Close to it, I guess).

"Awesome! Anything else I should know?"

Sure! Almost forgot to make this clear though: We are not a therapy room. If you are experiencing serious problems, please consult a professional. Users that have chosen to come to us with serious issues do so out of their own volition with the knowledge that we are not health professionals (and if they don't, we will tell them explicitly) and will not take the place as such. Remember, we're kind of like that anonymous best friend that will give you a shoulder.

And yes, I do realize "Anonymous best friend" is an oxymoron. But that'll do to describe most of the function of what The Happy Place does.

To make something else clear, debates are welcome within the room (we're pretty laid back on topics that are allowed), as long as they are discussed in a mature manner.

Anyway, should you have any questions, you are free to PM myself, Shaymin on PS!, or one of the other roomowners, who are Kayo and Saburo.

Hope to see you there!

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