Your Guide to Dank Memes on PS!

By xzern. Art by unfixable.
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Picture the following: You're casually chatting in the OverUsed room about that cool new Zangoose team idea that you just thought of when, suddenly, world-famous OU player SuperBronyLoverXD2007 joins the room. Everyone in the room proceeds to marvel and express great awe at SuperBronyLoverXD2007's extensive knowledge of the OU metagame and his intricate social skills, especially when he mentions that "arctic cuno needs 2 b banned to the uber bcuz it is over powered ghey ledgendairy xDDD ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)." Ladies swoon, men swoon, and SuperBronyLoverXD2007 is instantly promoted to Room Super-Duper Moderator ($). "How did he do this?" you may be inquiring. "All he did was say an already known and accepted fact about Articuno!" You may be right, but he did more than just that to grab the room's attention. The answer? Memes. SuperBronyLoverXD2007 incorporated the delicate art of dank memeing into his statement to win over the hearts of ladies and men alike. As a certified memeologist who has studied the field of memeology at Yale for eight solid years, I can safely say that an extensive knowledge of dank memes inside and out is necessary for being the best user that you can possibly be. This in-depth guide aims to enable you, the reader, to master the art of memeing. Grab your fedoras, chug your Mountain Dew, and let's get started!

Tools of the Trade

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

These fine gentlemen, usually referred to as the "lenny" and "donger" faces, accurately depict the 14th-century noblemen Sir Leonard "Panty Destroyer" Archibald XII and the Dank Duke of Donger, respectively. Both men were known to be excellent military commanders who were put in charge of the difficult task of defending their homeland from an invading enemy army. As the story goes, both men charged into battle without a second thought, lacking precautions, with only the armor on their backs, the swords in their hands, and the dankness in their memes. They died shortly after that, though, like, really violently, with blood and stuff. However, the Duke's last words and war cry, "Raise your dongers!," were sewn into the fabric of history for centuries after his death. To honor Sir Leonard and the Duke's sacrifice, some users tend to enlighten the PS Lobby chat by reciting the Duke's dying words in rapid succession.

Assault Vest

You know what they say: Assault Vest is the Assault Best. They don't use this saying lightly, though; the Assault Vest is an absolute must for any serious competitive Pokémon battler who wants to go anywhere in their career. The Assault Vest adds a fashionable flair to any Pokémon while upping its competitive viability. The item is great on Pokémon that need to take hits when battling; some good examples are Doublade, Zweilous, and other relatively frail NFE Pokémon that, in general, need their defensive capabilities boosted.

ayy lmao

ayy lmao

i am a heron

John 3:16: "i am a heron. i haev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans." For some background knowledge on this particular meme, that famous biblical proverb is referring to the pope's personal service heron. As the story tells it, the heron was bitten by a feral raccoon and contracted several different strands of herpes at once. It then responded by making a mess out of the pope's pots and pans in a fit of rage. John recounted the event as clear as day, but due to the fact that the line is written from the heron's own perspective, some biblical scholars are led to believe that "John" is actually a codename for the heron and that the heron actually wrote the Bible.

9 + 10

A mathematical fallacy which has puzzled even the most intellectual minds on the planet, the case of 9+10 has yet to be solved with full confirmation from the scientific community. The question of 9+10 was first raised by famous intellectual mind Isaac "Party Poppa" Newton, and ever since then, no answer could be conjured up for the problem. However, when Albert "Big Daddy at da Club" Einstein came along, he proposed the theory that 9+10 equals 21. This was truly ground-breaking, especially for the time in which this theory was introduced. Most scientists and mathematicians outright rejected this idea. The debate has been as heated as ever since then.

The Lobby

The Lobby's purpose in the grand scheme of things is to function as a breeding ground for new memes. In the Lobby, intellectuals come from all four corners of the globe to combine their might and wisdom to craft new memes for the rest of the world to enjoy. Take caution while approaching the Lobby, though, as many notable scholarly figures and various super-intelligent people roam the area; it may be difficult to understand their high level of intellectual discussion. Remember, staff members absolutely love it when the server is overflown by epic dank memers. They know very well that dank memes are vital for livening up the chat and improving the room's quality tremendously. However, there are those staff members that set out with one and only purpose: to annihilate all memers from the chat and to purge the server of any and all dankness. These types of staff members are what I like to call "dorks."


After reading this article, you have hopefully learned all there is to know about how to be the very best user you can possibly be by using the articulate technique of dank memeing. Once you have mastered this art, there's nothing to stop you from getting promoted in your favorite room, getting that raise at your lame job, or winning over that girl that you've had your eye on since seventh grade. Remember: it's always a good idea to mention in your résumé that you are fluent in the art of memeing.

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