Editors' Notes

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The last ten issues of this webzine have been an absolute blast to put together! Finally, though, after many months at the helm, I'm handing over full control to antemortem and the rest of the staff, who I'm sure will do a superb job. It has been wonderful to see a media project flourish like this from start to the future, and I look forward to seeing what's in store. This issue, I also decided to write an article (hopefully not too badly) about starting The Player up and how myself and Scene got it going — I hope you enjoy it at least a little!

Although I'm leaving The Player, you'll still catch me around on PS and Smogon, probably more than before. Have a good read of issue 10!



Wow! We're finally at issue 10. That's a milestone to be proud of, and I believe all of the webzine's amazing contributors from the beginning to now all deserve a pat on the back for their stellar work. I also want to take a moment to say farewell to my partner Vacate, who I've been working alongside since December—the project you've spent months helping to build will miss you.

Issue 10 is my personal favorite, what with great publications such as an interview with newly promoted Leader Sweep, an analyzation of everyone's favorite topical conglomerate the Lobby, breakdowns of several new and popular rooms, and more! Check it all out, and tell us what you think.

We're going to be working out some changes for upcoming Player releases to spice things up around here, so be on the lookout for our future plans!


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