Active Tournaments

By Kevin Garrett.
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Below is a list of some of the currently active and recent tournaments, with a short explanation of what each is about.

Tipping the Scales, hosted by Olie and Articanus, is a double elimination tournament in which the participants spend points to buy Pokémon from different tiers, bar Ubers. The price of each Pokémon is determined by its tier, with OUs being 3 points, BLs being 2 points, and UUs being 1 point. Points are gained by the score of the game won in the previous round; for example, if a player wins 5-0, they will receive 5 additional points for the next round. SilentEcho emerged victorious in the round robin final against Giant Enemy Crab and LonelyNess.

The Regional Tournament, hosted by Colonel M and SoT, has participants using Pokémon limited to a specific region. Each round, a different region... However, in the final, each person was allowed to pick two regions of the four, and therefore could use the Pokémon in those two regions. Earthworm won the final, beating panamaxis to victory.

Pass the Trash, hosted by Kevin Garrett, is a tournament based on the poker game, Anaconda. Participants sent in the team they would be using the entire competition prior to the first round. Each round, they exchange one Pokémon from their team with their opponent. The new member is then a permanent part of the team unless the player decides to trade it in a future round. The goal is to keep the team well constructed throughout the entire tournament.

The Reverse Tournament, hosted by Twash, is a tournament like no other; if the player loses their match, they will advance to the next round. The reason for this is because each round, participants will exchange teams. The goal is to have the team they sent their opponent win. There are a few rules that keep this tournament in line, such as a limit to one Choice user and only being able to switch three times every ten turns. All Pokémon are required to have four moves to give the opponent a choice in move selection.

The Platinum Walkthrough Tournament, hosted by RB Golbat and LonelyNess, focuses on different parts of Pokémon Platinum. Each round, there are be restrictions in level, Pokemon availability, TM availability, and item availability. These are dependent on where the participant is in the game. As the rounds go on, more things will become available. Species Clause is not in effect for the tournament to duplicate the conditions in-game. However, Pokémon in the Uber tier will be banned in all parts of the tournament.

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