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A web-zine is probably the last thing on people's minds when they think of competitive Pokémon. In fact, I'm almost certain that this is one of the first web-zines to be created solely by the effort of a large community. There is no doubt that this is an ambitious project, and at this point we're still trying to figure things out on how to run it effectively.

Why a web-zine? Why does a competitive Pokémon site even want a web-zine? One of the things I've seen in this community is the sheer number of projects going on at any given time that go unnoticed. From RNG research to tournaments to creating whole new Pokémon, there is a tremendous variety of projects on the site which, frankly, many people who are not an active part of the community are likely unaware of. The web-zine seeks to publish or and popularize those projects and bring them to a wider audience than they would otherwise achieve.

This first issue is not without imperfection, of course. This is only the first step of a hopefully long journey. But one of the most important things I want to highlight is that the web-zine will not be a medium solely for competitive Pokémon; the web-zine aims to reflect the community as a whole. It is your projects and opinions we are interested in, and we urge you to submit them as often as they come up. And with all the events that are going on and are to come, there will always be something to talk and be excited about. The near future will bring Shoddy Battle 2, a complete revamp of all the analyses, and of course, the most exciting tournament of the year:

World Cup Banner

That's right, the World Cup of Pokémon makes its long awaited return! Start gathering up a team of world-class Pokémon trainers to bring glory to your region. With Team Asia losing a few key players and an explosion of top-tier players in the last year, this year's World Champion title is truly up for grabs among the twelve competing teams! This is no doubt the biggest and the most exciting Pokémon World Cup yet.

Are you ready?

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