Polls and Trivia

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Here is a fun section of The Smog where readers like you—yes, you—can help shape future issues of The Smog and also get some cool prizes. To send in your answers, please send a private message to the Smogon user "The Smog" titled "Issue 1 Polls/Trivia" with answers to any or all questions.


1.) What Pokémon should be the next issue's featured Pokémon?

2.) In your opinion, what was the best article in this issue of The Smog?

3.) What is your favorite type of Tyranitar?


1.) Whose gym involves pushing boulders into lava rivers to form bridges?

2.) What HMs do you use in the Distortion World?

3.) Name one item available in the 2nd generation games that is completely unavailable in later games.

4.) Who is the Gym Leader of Cianwood City?

5.) Which Pokemon, besides Shedinja, takes the least damage from Meteor Mash with 252 HP / 252 Def EVs?

6.) What is the lightest fully evolved Pokemon?

7.) Which move has the lowest priority?

8.) What Pokemon has never left OU since RBY?

9.) What is the only un-typed attack?

10.) Which TM from GSC is still a TM in later games?

One random person who sends in correct answers to all of the trivia questions will get his/her name featured in the next issue of The Smog! But that's not all! The winner also gets a one-time Custom User Title! If a user who already has a Custom User Title wins trivia he/she gets to choose Tangerine's Custom User Title and Avatar for two weeks. Thanks for playing!

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