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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you would know there has been a major, major change in the Pokemon metagame—Salamence has been banned. The Smogon Council, as chosen by Jumpman16 and Aeolus, discussed Salamence's placement and finally decided (in a vote of 8-1) that Salamence was not fit to remain in OU.

More Black and White information has also been released in the past few weeks. Pokemon like Victini, the base 100 legendary like Jirachi and company, Mamanbou, who seems to be an evolution of Luvdisc, and Shikijika, Pokémon's response to Bambi, have been released (among several others). Other features like version-exclusive areas like the Black City and White Forest have also been revealed. Finally, Triple Battles and Rotational Battles have been shown. These new types of battles will surely be interesting and chaotic to play in. Another thing to look forward to is the Master Document in the next issue of CoroCoro, which will be arriving in a few days. This Document is said to contain a lot of information on Black and White.

This issue of The Smog brings several fun articles. It includes articles on the TCG and interview with everyone's favorite cleaning utensil, MoP. Also, it has a meaty article on the Advance Metagame, which is not for the faint of heart. Finally, it has a very nice article on Latias by vashta.

Also, be sure to check out the recent Smogcasts. They're awesome and full of Salamence discussion and chocolatey goodness.

Happy reading!

PS - Happy birthday to Blue Kirby and stellar... I guess

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