By Zystral and RBG.
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This is a fun section of The Smog where readers like you—yes, you—can help shape future issues of the ezine and also get some cool prizes. To send in your answers, please send a private message to the Smogon user The Smog entitled "Issue 11 Polls/Trivia" with answers to any or all questions.

This issue's lucky winner is... HolyChipmunk! With an almost immaculate 9/10, you've earned the privilege of a custom title of choice! Please PM Mekkah to ask for it. A few other users came in close second with 8/10, such as NKR and hailflameblast, so do give them a hearty round of applause.

And if you were wondering about the answers...

Trivia Results

1. Which Pokémon was recently banned from OU?
Salamence, of course. You have to have been living under a rock to not know this.
2. What is Illuminate's overworld effect?
Higher wild encounter rate. More specifically, doubled encounter rate out in the wild.
3. Are Ghost-types hit by Pain Split?
4. True or false? Charizard and Typhlosion share identical base stats.
True. Exactly identical.
5. What does the Charti Berry do?
Reduces damage from super effective Rock-type attacks. Oh, and stuff about Fling and Natural Gift. Basically attacks nobody cares about.
6. Which move that hits every Pokémon in the battlefield has the highest PP?
Haze. The trick here was "every Pokémon", including yourself. Haze has 30 and affects all four combatants. Good thinking to those who said Surf and Magnitude though, as your partner is hit, but you aren't.
7. Counting Swift itself, how many variations are there of the move Swift (in terms of name and type)? What are they?
Seven. Swift, Magical Leaf, Shock Wave, Magnet Bomb, Shadow Punch, Aerial Ace, Faint Attack. I'm afraid Vital Throw and Aura Sphere are NOT variations of Swift, as Aura Sphere has 90 Base Power as opposed to 60, and Vital Throw has the added effect of negative priority.
8. List all Pokédex Color Categories by rank of most fully evolved Pokémon to least fully evolved Pokémon.
Blue, Brown, Purple, Yellow, Red, Green, Gray, White, Black and Pink (Black/Pink tied for 14). I'll admit, this one was a little hard, and I don't blame anyone for going to research it, which most of you did (good on you). However, I asked for fully evolved Pokémon. Almost all of you all gave me the numbers of ALL the Pokémon in that color category.
9. How many different moves have been available via TM throughout all four generations?
140. That's right, 140 different moves have been available.
10. List at least 7 TMs that have remained the same over all four generations.
Any of: 06, 14, 15, 22, 25, 26, 28, 29, 32, 38, and 44. This can also be taken as: Toxic, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, SolarBeam, Thunder, Earthquake, Dig, Psychic, Double Team, Fire Blast, and Rest.

Results from A Situational Analysis

And before we move onto this issue's trivia, Earthworm's Situational Analysis has yielded some results as well.


Earthquake 50%
Draco Meteor 41.66%
Fire Blast 8.33%


Whirlwind 27.27%
Switch to Heatran 63.64%
Spikes 9.09%


From those who responded, you would be caught out 50% of the time if you switched to Heatran, and only 8.33% of the time if you elected to keep Skarmory in against Salamence. From the other perspective, you would be right 63.64% of the time if you chose to Earthquake against Skarmory in hopes of hitting Heatran, and you would be right 0% of the time to use Draco Meteor, since nobody who responded would choose to send in Flygon. Thanks to everyone that shared their thoughts; it was interesting to read your reasoning. I hope everyone managed to gain something out of reading the article. —Earthworm


1) What were the first Pokémon from the second, third, and fourth generation that were shown in America?
2) Which Pokémon become slower when they evolve?
3) Which is the most common typing combination in dual-typed Pokémon? (The order of the types is irrelevant.)
4) Name two Pokémon whose level-up movepool becomes smaller upon evolution.
5) In the Water 3 egg group, the Pokémon have a total of 7 types. What are they?
6) Out of the 11 moves with a 30% flinch rate, which is has the highest Base Power, and which one the lowest?
7) In Generation IV, name all fully evolved Fighting-types with only one ability.
8) Which Flying-type Pokémon obtainable before the Elite Four (across all generations) has the highest Special Attack?
9) In Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, how many Pokémon have the Field Ability "Recharge" of any value?
10) Of all the "Serpentine" body-style Pokémon, which three have the highest Attack, in descending order from first to third?
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