The Effect of Weather on the 4th Generation Little Cup Metagame

By macle.
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Weather is very important to Little Cup. Some people use weather to increase the Speed of their Pokemon, while others use it to boost their defenses. You need to be ready for all sorts of weather conditions in Little Cup.

Get the Weather Roaring

There are two Pokemon that can summon auto-weather in Little Cup: Snover and Hippopotas. Snover summons hail onto the field, which can break Focus Sashes and allow 100% accurate Blizzards that can rampage through teams. Hippopotas creates a sandstorm, which can also break Focus Sashes, but also boosts the Special Defense of Rock-type Pokemon.

Rain is the next most common weather condition after sand and hail. There are no Pokemon in Little Cup that summon rain onto the field automatically, but Voltorb is a great Pokemon to summon it with its brilliant Speed.

The last weather condition is sun. Sun teams are barely seen, since rain and any team with Snover destroy them.

Weather Abusers

In hail, it's common to have Choice Scarfed Pokemon, like Porygon, or an Ice-type Pokemon to repeatedly use Blizzard and create large holes in teams. While a more gimmicky option, some Pokemon use Snow Cloak for increased evasion.

Sand abusers, such as Lileep, usually Protect stall to decrease the opponent's HP. Sand Veil is the Sandstorm equivalent of Snow Cloak, commonly used by Gligar.

In the rain, Pokemon with the ability Swift Swim become very powerful. A group of these Pokemon can reach over 32 Speed, which outspeeds all Choice Scarf-wielding Pokemon, allowing them to sweep almost fearlessly, save for priority attacks. The other Swift Swim Pokemon can outspeed all Pokemon without a Choice Scarf, which is still a great feat.

Pokemon with Chlorophyll are the most common abusers of sun. With Chlorophyll, the Pokemon's Speed doubles. Also, the power of Fire-type moves is increased. Bellspout and Oddish often abuse the sun in this way, in addition to their powerful Solarbeams.

Stopping the Weather

There are a few ways to stop weather. Rain and sun can be stalled out by spamming Protect , but there is a better way to counter all weather— use Psyduck. Thanks to its ability, Cloud Nine, it can stop the effects of weather while Psyduck is on the field. Psyduck can easily beat most common abusers of weather, thanks to its bulk and great movepool.

So please go try out different weather in Little Cup on Doug's Create A Pokemon Server on Shoddy or on Pokemon Lab!

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