Note From the Editor

By Deck Knight. Art by Fatecrashers.
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J Jonah Jamesmoochum

February is the shortest month, but big things have been happening all over Smogon. We're certainly Marching into a whole new realm of activity. CAP has started up again with a new project led by 5th Generation guru reachzero. A new generation means a whole new process, and we're starting off fresh again with CAP 1. You might even notice a new forum while you're there; just sayin'.

If you didn't know, the marriage of Drizzle and Swift Swim have been dissolved, and boy was the divorce ugly. Another round of suspect testing is going on, so hold onto your hats. Don't mind our dust either, the sandstorms have been blowing of late.

This issue of The Smog continues coverage of Black and White with our first Featured OU Team. It's rather Iconic, if I do say so myself. All of our other features are back and more fleshed out, with a good look into Ubers and Little Cup. Chou Toshio has a trip to Johto Kansai prepared for you, Flora tells us about some new abilities that Game Freak gave to all the wrong Pokemon, and Rising_Dusk offers his insight into what really surprised us on the 5th Gen battling scene.

But most importantly, we care about you, our viewers and contributors. The Smog Awards have been decided and are ready for viewing. Good job to everyone who made the list! You might even see a few familiar names!

Happy Reading!

~ Deck Knight

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