LC Suspect Test Coverage

By macle and Destiny Warrior. Art by bugmaniacbob.
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Every metagame has its share of suspects; Little Cup is no exception. Suspect testing in Little Cup works extremely similarly to the main OU Suspect process, with the difference being that for the two Suspect tests that have taken place so far, paragraphs have been used over rating requirements.

The third Suspect test's voting is currently on, with the results coming out in a few days. While we're waiting for them, let's take a look at what the previous tests held!

The First Test

The first suspect test began rather calmly, with everyone testing the new Pokemon and items. Eviolite quickly emerged as a new item of choice, and pretenders like Blitzle and Roggenrola were segregated from the likes of Scraggy and Pawniard

However, the ability Moody burst onto the scene after its "discovery" in OU. Close to every team began to run Remoraid or Bidoof, and the metagame, similar to the OU metagame, began to get centralized. Stars such as Scraggy and Murkrow did not receive as much attention as this ability, and it was no surprise that it got several nominations.

During the nominations, quite a few Pokemon came up. But when it came down to the vote, out of the four suspects Scraggy, Meditite, Moody, and the item Eviolite, only Moody was banned, in what was only the second unanimous vote in the history of suspect tests in any tier. The other three not even achieving majority. All seemed well, but a new threat was waiting to spread its wings.

The Second Test

Many Pokemon, like Scraggy, Murkrow, Vulpix, and Meditite, were nominated during the second test. Scraggy, Meditite, and Murkrow were nominated because of their offensive prowess, while Vulpix was nominated because of its ability, Drought, which made Chlorophyll Pokemon very deadly. A few users voiced that there were no suspects in the metagame since they thought the metagame was balanced.

The suspects were announced, Murkrow and Meditite. Both of the suspects possessed great offensive abilities and could 2HKO the entire metagame. At the end of voting, Murkrow was sent to LC Ubers. Meditite stays unbanned since it can be revenge killed by Ghost-types.


Join us on the Pokemon Online Smogon university Little Cup Ladder in exploring this new metagame!

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