Featured LC Pokemon: Slowpoke

By comatthew6 and Destiny Warrior. Art by Kevin Garrett.
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Slowpoke is one of Pokemon's veterans, having been around from the very beginning. Its niche was that of a Machop counter in Generation 4, and providing team support for the rare Trick Room teams. Generation 5 changed this with the introduction of Eviolite, Regenerator, and Scald, which gave Slowpoke options to showcase its defensive qualities. It was popular during the Meditite era, and it remains to be seen how much it will be used now that Meditite is banned.

Slowpoke's Qualities

Slowpoke's stats do not suggest very much about its defensive potential. Sure, it has good HP, but all the other stats scream 'mediocre.' What garners its usage is Eviolite, which pumps up its defenses to very respectable levels and, combined with access to Slack Off, makes it a potent tank.

Water typing adds to Slowpoke's bulkiness, with the relative lack of common weaknesses. The Psychic typing, however, is a mixed bag. While it gives it a resistance to the common Fighting-type attacks, it also leaves it open to Dark-type attacks from the likes of Scraggy. Low Speed only adds to its problems.

Slowpoke's movepool is large for the average Little Cup Pokemon, with a wide range of coverage, backed by quite a few support options. It has Surf and Psychic for its STABs, and if it wants coverage, it can pick from Ice Beam and Fire Blast/Flamethrower. It even has a decent Attack stat, so it can attack physically with STAB Aqua Tail and Zen Headbutt, in addition to Earthquake to potentially catch Chinchou off-guard. Also, its support movepool is just as great, having access to reliable recovery in Slack Off, as well as having Toxic, Thunder Wave, and Trick Room to help your team or hinder your opponent's.

Playing With Slowpoke

Slowpoke doesn't have too many actual options for what to do. It works best as a tank, relying on Eviolite to attain respectable defenses of 28 / 25 / 16 while Scald and Fire Blast let it pose the perpetual threat of burns, and Slack Off will keep Slowpoke healthy.

Otherwise, Slowpoke is just a one trick pony. For a pink salamander that was considered one of the best checks to Meditite, it has a surprisingly shallow movepool.

Playing Against Slowpoke

Despite Slowpoke's amazing defenses and access to both Slack Off and Regenerator, there are actually quite a few Pokemon that fare well against the pink salamander. The first is Chinchou, who couldn't care less about Thunder Wave, or any of its attacks minus Toxic for that matter, and can easily 2HKO or even potentially OHKO Slowpoke with Thunderbolt. Scraggy, who has Shed Skin, has a good chance of shrugging off a burn from Scald, as well as paralysis or poison, and can set up with Dragon Dance. Scraggy also is immune to Psychic-type attacks and can 2HKO with its STAB Crunch. Houndour, though fearing both Slowpoke's Water-type STAB attack as well as Thunder Wave, can revenge kill Slowpoke with Dark Pulse. Staryu doesn't really mind status because of Natural Cure, and can 2HKO with Thunderbolt. Toxic is another great way of dispatching Slowpoke, since it will not be able to keep switching in if Toxic damage begins to rack up.

Fitting Slowpoke on Your Team

Pokemon that have good synergy (both offensive and defensive) are the best partners for Slowpoke. Diglett can trap and KO a Chinchou that decides to use Thunderbolt on Slowpoke as it switches out, and Ferroseed can take Electric-, Grass-, Dark-, and Ghost-type attacks aimed at it, while at the same time being able to set up Stealth Rock or Spikes in addition to Leech Seed (only two out of three of them though), while Slowpoke can also rack up residual damage via Toxic.

Environmental Factors

Because Slowpoke is a defensive support Pokemon, it does not need Stealth Rock or Spikes to help it complete its job. However, Toxic Spikes is important to have, because Slowpoke can easily stall out its opponents with Slack Off and Regenerator. Tentacool and Trubbish are good Toxic Spikes supporters that also can absorb any Toxic Spikes on your side of the field.


Pokemon that cover Slowpoke's weaknesses are the best possible partners for Slowpoke, because of its defensive nature. Lileep is a great partner, since it can tank special attacks all day long as well as being a solid check to Chinchou. A Fighting-type such as Timburr or Mienfoo is also handy, since it will most likely be able to stave off Scraggy's onslaught and KO back with Drain Punch. Stunky is another good partner, since it can trap Ghost-types such as Gastly and Drifloon with Pursuit and can easily KO both of them.

Get Out There!

Slowpoke has pretty much one role in Little Cup now that Meditite has been banned: a solid defensive tank able to stave off a lot of attacks while residual damage kicks in. Though Slowpoke isn't as amazing as it once was, it can still do a good job on the battlefield, and should be a proud member on any bulky offense or stall team in Little Cup.

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