Smeargle's Studio Update

By Alchemator.
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For budding artists and general art-lovers all over Smogon, here is the Smeargle's Studio update for this issue, keeping you up to date with everything hip-and-trendy just like that guy in Dewford Town! Unfortunately, we don't have quite as much merchandise to sell you but still, this new article will be the one that delivers Monthly Art Contest results, and the piece that details new developments.

Last month

Since the departure of Bucky, the founder of the MAC, it has been a rough ride for the contest, but recently it has been revived with more enthusiasm than ever. Last month saw artists of all styles take up the challenge—one with a theme of Contrast. Everybody threw themselves into the fray, and some incredible pieces of art emerged.

1st place — aragornbird

Long-time MAC veteran—and even longer Smeargle's Studio veteran—aragornbird took the prized podium place in last month's contest, reaching out to the fifth generation for inspiration. The competition was fierce, but after a long period of voting, aragornbird came out on top with his expressive yet refined piece featuring Zekrom and Reshiram. In his piece, abird shows a great understanding of shading, a feature in all of his pieces, and he commands subtle use of color to really add "punch" to the piece. This is most clearly seen on the backs of the two legendaries, aglow from the generators on their tails. However, it is the minor touches that make this submission sublime—the pieces on either side are version exclusives, and personally I'd really like to buy this chess set!

2nd place — Orugos

Orugos came in second with her interesting take on the theme, using Lapras and Tropius to represent land and water, green and blue. It worked out brilliantly; her piece emits a very calm air and is aesthetically pleasing. Her brushwork is very hard in some places, and somewhat soft in others. The shading really shows the amount of time put into this piece: nearly everywhere you look you can see subtle value changes and brushwork. She also uses yellow tints on Tropius, and (more noticeably) blue tints on Lapras to a very nice effect. Orugos is known particularly for incredibly smooth and moody pieces, but this fresh-feeling submission not only fits the theme well, yet also shows a contrast with her usual style. Development of artists is always interesting in a competition such as the MAC.

This month

In contrast to the previous month's theme (terrible pun wholly intended), the MAC gauntlet of this month was entirely more specific—the artists were set the challenge of drawing Smeargle's Studio itself, and both creativity and humor were rife among the submissions. Indeed, a certain Chou Toshio's piece was so creative that it unfortunately cannot be published in this magazine. Chou, however, did not go on to win the competition—let's take a look at those who did!

1st place — icepick

icepick has long been an entrant to the MAC, and perhaps may be considered a "golden oldie" of the Studio, delighting visitors with undeniably professional pieces. However, it was arguably the abandonment of his perfected style that brought him victory this month. That and the inherent humor, of course! icepick chose to imitate the styles of those who may be called the 'favorites' in Smeargle's Studio—Yilx, Fatecrashers, and Nastyjungle. They are depicted, in their own styles, as being surrounded by golden Luvdiscs, whereas as icepick must make do with only a standard Luvdisc :( An unconventional piece indeed, but in a competition in which creativity is valued highly, it is definitely a deserved win.

2nd place — JarardoMartino

It was certainly a closely-fought battle this month, with poll position continuously switching between icepick and JarardoMartino, and the reason is clear to see. Jarardo gained early popularity in the poll due to the detail and personality in his submission. The minor touches—such as Fatecrashers drawing "some avy" with one of his many limbs, and Rocket Grunt sleeping in the corner—made this piece highly endearing. Not to mention that his interpretation of a certain moderator is very cute!

Other Occurrences

icepick has started a Battle Free For All thread, in which artists must post a drawing of a Pokémon defeating the previous victor. It has already gained much popularity, reaching golden Luvdisc status.

Chou Toshio has opened a tutorial thread—now the secrets of the Studio trade have been lain open for all to see.

And lastly, Nastyjungle has been given Moderator status. A key member of Smeargle's Studio, Nastyjungle will definitely do well in her new role!

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