Note From the Editor

By Rising_Dusk.
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Rising Dusk

Smogon, the new frontier, is always growing. I told you last issue that a lot of changes would be coming to fruition soon, and finally we're starting to see a few of those things poke through the cloudy skies. Within recent history, the general philosophy and plan of attack for the future of Smogon has been getting discussed by the higher-ups. What that means for you is that everything will become focused and clear when they break and start coding! You'll see when we get there, but just be patient in the meantime.

Of the things that have come out on our site in the past few months, the most notable is the Smogon Wi-Fi Battle Finder! Articuno64, resident administrator and visionary of Smogon, set that up for all the boys and girls to enjoy. Go find a battle with it!

VGC is also practicing with a lovely new set of rules that were announced recently. You can read up about the rules and locations and such here. It seems pretty exciting, and you can bet your britches that IRC is all abuzz with discussion of hidden strategies and the like to get the edge on opponents! Speaking of VGC, if you're not already involved with it, you should check it out. The communal feeling you get participating in it is awesome, and I recommend it to everyone. Also, as it's relevant to Wi-Fi, there was a super cool tournament that TCPi hosted just a few days ago. It ended on the 24th, so keep track of is all here. As you can see from the title, the rankings are released on the 1st of November. The excitement in the air is practically tangible.

Smogon changes a lot, but I'll be honest with you, looking back it feels much like how it's always been. The Smog is happy to bring to you the myriad of typical articles you've come to expect every issue, and has a few new and nifty tricks up its sleeve to keep you coming back for more. MoP entertains us with a cheery article about how you can never fit in at Smogon, which also remarks on how I've apparently quit altogether. (Don't tell him I wrote this note!) Aside from that, we've got updates on CAP ASB, Arceus discussions, and my personal favorite: a discussion of the awesomeness that is rotation battles. As an unrelated aside, is it bad that awesomeness doesn't get a hit as a typo in Firefox anymore? Anyway, rock on, enjoy the issue, and try not to wet yourself waiting for the next one after this! ;)

Happy Reading!


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