Inb4 Nintendo: Metagames To Be

By Lady Salamence, with help from Limitless, Pocket, Raseri and Undisputed. Art by RitterCat.
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The effects of Nintendo's new creation, the Dream World, have had an obvious impact on most, if not all metagames, and will continue to do so until Game Freak either releases all the Pokemon, or moves onto something different. Inb4 Nintendo was a tournament in which each round, a different group of unreleased abilities, items or even Pokemon (as was the case in the first round) would be "released" into the metagame, and the battlers would play as if Nintendo had released them. This article is focused on the thoughts of users who participated in this tournament.



Most people seem to think that Keldeo will be a very powerful Pokemon, perhaps it will even be banned from OU. For the most part, they're right. Keldeo seems set, at the moment, to singlehandedly bring offensive rain teams to the forefront. It has amazing base 129 and 108 in Special Attack and Speed, respectively, and has a variety of options to abuse its Special Attack, such as Hydro Pump, Surf, and its signature move, Secret Sword, which utilizes Keldeo's Special Attack to hit the opposing Pokemon's physical Defense. However, beyond these moves, Keldeo relies upon Hidden Power for coverage. It also has a 72 Attack stat, which while seeming small, is complemented by moves such as Swords Dance, Sacred Sword, and Stone Edge (please explain to me how this thing didn't get Earthquake). Its 91 / 90 / 90 defensive stats are nice, but won't turn Keldeo into the next Suicune or Vaporeon. Keldeo could potentially become Uber, but if the metagame adapts to its release, it should be fine. A top contender, for sure, but with a somewhat shallow movepool, it should be pretty predictable.


Anyone remember Flygon at the end of DPP? Possibly the ultimate revenge killer back in its day, right? Genesect can do the exact same thing, except better. Slap a Choice Scarf on it, use its movepool that consists of four of U-turn, Bug Buzz, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Flamethrower, and you have a Pokemon that can switch in when a teammate is KOed, pick up a boost for either Attack or Special Attack, and then choose the appropriate move to deal with whatever is on the field, or scout using U-turn. While the strategy may seem a little broken, it has one major flaw. Depending on the move you choose, with the exception of U-turn, you may leave yourself open to opposing Pokemon, who can force you out and set up, or hit whatever comes in. As well, Genesect's base 99 Speed means it is outsped by all base 100 Speed Pokemon and above. All in all, Genesect will be powerful enough to secure a spot near the top of OU, but it has its flaws, which are easy enough to exploit, meaning Genesect will not become too powerful.


If you thought that Keldeo had a shallow movepool, you'd be shocked to see Meloetta's movepool. Meloetta just isn't viable in OU as of right now. There are so many flaws in Meloetta, it's difficult to know where to start. It isn't decent until you change it's forme, which requires you to use a 75 base power Normal-type move that could possibly make the opponent fall asleep, which could be a problem if you're also running a Pokemon like Breloom on the team, but that's besides the point. It has a lower Speed stat than the likes of Haxorus and Primeape, and the infamous Luvdisc. It just isn't worth using. Perhaps it'll fall to UU, and maybe, just maybe, it'll be usable there.


Sableye @ Prankster

Between the time of the tournament's run and this article being written, Sableye got its Dream World ability. The only thing that Sableye can do with Prankster is annoy stuff, and besides priority Taunt and Will-O-Wisp, it just isn't worth using despite the big talk about it. In OU, that just isn't enough, meaning Sableye isn't going to pull its own weight. However, with proper team support, Sableye will be a good teammate.

Volbeat @ Prankster

Volbeat, while usable in OU, is going to be difficult to play with, and is definitely going to stay in the lower tiers. While getting a +3 Latios will probably make your opponent scream in terror, it'll be tough to pull off. It's certainly possible, thanks to priority Tail Glow and Baton Pass, but with Volbeat's amazingly low defenses, good luck.

Zapdos @ Lightningrod

Good in theory, but not as impressive as you'd think in actual battles. There just aren't enough Thunderbolts and Discharges in OU for Zapdos to come in and grab a boost. However, should Zapdos grab a boost, a 125 Special Attack stat will leave your opponent struggling to take a hit and KO it, unless your opponent has a Pokemon that can outspeed and revenge kill it. The extra Electric-type immunity is always helpful as well.


Soul Dew

Soul Dew is going to do the exact same thing that it did last generation: send itself or the Lati twins to Uber. The fact that Soul Dew has already been banned from DW OU further substantiates this. Not much has changed for it, and some might even say that with Psyshock, it has improved, since Latios can now get through its biggest counter in Blissey. Soul Dew is going to power up the already powerful twin legendaries, allowing them to drop Life Orb or whatever they are using and still hit hard, while simultaneously boosting their Special Defense. I wish you good luck playing against them.

Pinch Berries

Situational at best. Salac Berry, which boosts Speed, will probably be the only usable one, but otherwise, just like last generation, they'll go completely unheard of. Custap Berry might be used by Forretress or Wobbufett, but otherwise...

Salamence @ Moxie

When inb4 Nintendo was being run, nobody knew Game Freak was going to do us a favor (who would have thought?!) by giving us Outrage / Dragon Dance as Dream World moves. Although only one of the two can be used at each time with Moxie, it's still better than nothing. During Round 3, using MoxieMence was a hindrance, with the exception of Choice Scarf MoxieMence, which was pretty good. But now that the true MoxieMence is in OU, it shouldn't be too hard to go see for yourself how Salamence is impacting the metagame.


Breloom @ Technician

When people heard that Breloom was going to be given Technician, it was immediately hailed as the ultimate Excadrill counter. But as you can see by the list of Pokemon banned from OU, people decided not to wait for it to come out, and banned Excadrill. Breloom is already amazing with Spore, and now it'll just get better. Beware of Breloom with Technician, as it'll just improve at a job it already does amazingly. Not only will Breloom become more potent offensively, it will also be able to keep the opponent guessing as to whether its ability is Technician or Poison Heal for one turn.

Raikou @ Volt Absorb

Raikou suffers from the same problems as Zapdos. There just aren't enough Electric-type attacks being used, and even if Raikou manages to switch in on one, it doesn't get a Special Attack boost; instead, it heals 25% of its health. Maybe you can use it to counterract entry hazard damage, but otherwise, its ability isn't going to help you much besides the Electric immunity. It's better than Pressure, but otherwise, Game Freak, what Raikou really wants is a usable nature with Aura Sphere and Weather Ball.

Suicune @ Water Absorb

Suicune has a better life than Raikou does, being able to throw out Scald and other similar moves. But otherwise, it has the same problems as Raikou, being that all the ability does is heal 25% of its health when switching into Water-type moves, as well as provide a Water-type immunity that it isn't exactly dying to get. While it is better than Pressure, it isn't going to make a big difference to Suicune, unless you switch in on a non-SOMALIAN Jellicent, with hazards on the field, as it uses Scald.


Chandelure @ Shadow Tag

Chandelure, if not properly prepared for, will ruin you so badly, it won't be funny. Remember Wobbufett in DPP? Yeah, Chandelure is even better than what Wobbufett was. There were a lot of Shed Shells used during this round, and for good reason. Chandelure is amazing, and it may be pushed into Ubers, just because of the fact that it can come in and either get a free kill, or set up against something that doesn't threaten it.

Serperior @ Contrary

If this thing had a movepool outside of random support moves, Hidden Power, and Leaf Storm, it'd be much more dangerous. As long as you switch in your counter before the snake gets +6, it shouldn't be too much of a threat, unless it's used as a cleaner. Still, if you don't have a way to take a boosted Leaf Storm or Hidden Power, you'll be in for a world of hurt.


Ditto @ Imposter

Ultimate revenge-killer. +1 Dragon Dance Gyarados? +2 Quiver Dance Volcarona? Anything? Switch a Choice Scarf Ditto in, and take them out. Whether it's Uber material or not remains to be seen, but honestly, the public opinion is that it will become an Uber Pokemon.

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