Note From the Editor

By Jimbo.
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The summer months have arrived, and with them comes an explosion of activity on the ShoddyBattle ladders. With Stage 3 in full bloom and the UU Suspect Test forging ahead, the metagame is as rapidly changing as it's ever been. If you're a casual player (or even a more advanced one) that feels lost in the changing metagame, then this issue of The Smog is for you. We've included articles that deal with very specific subjects in the metagame to help you grab a foothold. There is also a large variety of articles dealing with several different aspects of Pokémon; this includes playing with specific types (this will be a continuing series!) and Pokémon, as well as showcasing featured "Rate My Teams" from all tiers. This issue even has an article discussing the newest Pokémon created by members of Smogon.

The summer also brings new and exciting tournaments to Smogon. The prestigious World Cup of Pokémon is in full bloom, with some teams emerging as frontrunners and some falling behind. The summer edition of the Smogon Frontier is also starting soon.

Smogon Frontier Banner

No one has ever bested all twelve Frontier Brains, will you be the first?

As The Smog is still in its infancy, there is still a lot more that's going to change in the coming issues. For example, in future issues we will be including a Mailbag, where readers like you can send in comments about specific articles and they may get featured in the next issue.

While The Smog has an able-bodied staff working towards every issue's completion, we really encourage community participation. If you have an article idea (or an article written up), send it to The Smog and we may use it in the next issue. We're looking to add more articles to each issue; having free-lance articles would definitely help with this!

We hope you enjoy this issue of The Smog. As always, questions and comments are always appreciated!

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