Featured RU Pokémon: Aggron

Article and Art by Komodo.
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Aggron, the Iron Armor Pokémon. After 32 gruelling levels of being a pathetic little Aron, and 10 more as Lairon, the monster that is Aggron is born. Known to roam the mountains in search of food, Aggron is a fierce competitor and horrifying sight to come across. Aggron is also known to devour solid iron; watch out Magneton! Before the addition of Head Smash in HGSS, Aggron was often overlooked in favor of more powerful Pokémon like Rhyperior, and it was forced to utilize a rather poor SubPunch strategy. Since acquiring Head Smash, Aggron has risen in usage and appears to be an unstoppable force for generations to come. Don't expect its rampage to end there; its Rock Head ability means it can continue pummeling the opponent with its Head Smash without any recoil.


Aggron's main selling point is its massive Defense and ability to switch into a large portion of the metagame's physical attacks. Its STAB boosted Head Smash is complemented by its ability, Rock Head, and deals immense damage to anything that doesn't resist it. That's not all; Aggron's decent Attack stat and a varied physical movepool make it one of the most threatening Pokémon in the metagame. Furthermore, Aggron's ability to force switches make entry hazards helpful in crippling the opponent slowly and painfully.

Playing with Aggron

Most commonly seen as a Choice Bander, Aggron is an offensive powerhouse. Largely relying on switches, Aggron is rather hit and miss. Any team that lacks Rhydon, Alomomola, Quagsire, or Steelix will have trouble with Aggron, making it a true offensive menace. Autotomize Aggron is particularly dangerous when the opponent is forced to switch, as it can set up and outrun the majority of the unboosted metagame. Although uncommon, Aggron can pull off a decent SubPunch set. Besides the fact that Aggron has difficulty setting up against the likes of Quagsire and Steelix, its raw power alone helps it 2HKO the majority of the tier. Mandibuzz, Munchlax, and a select few walls are easy set up bait, but Aggron is much better off attacking off the bat.

Playing against Aggron

Sponging Head Smash and healing itself with Recover, Quagsire is by far Aggron's biggest nemesis. STAB Earthquake and Scald's burn rate also makes it an exceptional choice. Torterra and Tangrowth can stop it to an extent, but Tangrowth still takes heavy damage from Head Smash. Aggron carries Fire Punch on the odd occasion, so that's something to keep in mind when you're using a Grass-type. Aggron isn't particularly fond of being burned, either. Cofagrigus makes a decent check with access to Will-O-Wisp, but repeated hits will take its toll on our sarcophagus friend. Anything with access to Earthquake, a decently powered Fighting-type move, or special attack will spell doom for Aggron, regardless of its heavy armor. Steelix and Ferroseed can switch into Head Smash and threaten Aggron with Earthquake or set up on it, respectively; unfortunately, both of them are 2HKOed by Focus Punch. Moves with priority also provide a solid check to Aggron; for example, Hitmonchan can break through Aggron's armor with Mach Punch.


Uxie and Cofagrigus are two great switch ins; the former is immune to Ground-type moves and has access to Stealth Rock, while the latter has an immunity to Fighting-type attacks and Will-O-Wisp to soften physical attacks. Ferroseed and Crustle can set up Spikes and Stealth Rock; unfortunately, the former shares a Fighting-type weakness with Aggron, and Crustle shares a Water-type weakness. Most Psychic- and Flying-types can switch into the likes of Gallade and Hitmonchan, while Ghost-types, such as Haunter, Spiritomb, and Dusknoir, can take on most Fighting-types. Entei and Gallade can take advantage of Aggron's wall breaking abilities; after an assault from Aggron, the opponent's physical walls won't be able to withstand another battering from their powerful attacks. Cofagrigus can set up Trick Room and lure special attackers, while Aggron powers its way through the opposing team with Head Smash. Finally, Sceptile and Tangrowth can use their STAB moves to deal with Quagsire and Sandslash (and Ferroseed if you carry Hidden Power Fire). If you have no other option, revenge killing Aggron is your only choice, but that's risky at best.

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