By Seven Deadly Sins.
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Hey all, it's time for more trivia! Last issue, we solicited you brave readers for some great trivia questions with which to stump our general populace, and damned if you didn't pull through! However, while we'd have loved to use em' all, we settled for our 10 favorites, courtesy of you fine folks. So when you peruse through this heaping helping of Poké-eclectica, think of the following users:

dogfish44 (1-3)
Cereza (4-5)
Mysticuno (6-7)
Level 51 (8-9)
coolking49 (10)

As was so grandly promised last issue, these users are now entitled to fancy letters under their name, courtesy of mingot. Actually, they're not quite that fancy... they're actually pretty average. They are letters, however, and they will definitely be found under these users' names at some point in the future!

Now, without further ado, let's get to the trivia!

  1. What is the minimum EXP gain from a freshly hatched Pokémon in order for that Pokémon to evolve purely by level up (not including Pokémon that evolve via "Level Up while/during/having learned X" such as Riolu)?
  2. How many Pokémon gained an immunity in the transition from Gen 4 to Gen 5?
  3. Steel-types are most likely found in what egg group?
  4. What are the names of all the known flutes in the Pokémon world?
  5. Name all the damage-dealing moves that will never faint the opposing Pokémon.
  6. Name all the moves that received a power increase of 20 BP or greater in the transition from Gen IV to Gen V.
  7. Including gender differences, alternate formes, shiny palettes, and all the possible Spinda spot combinations, how many sprites are programmed in total for all 649 Pokémon?
  8. Name all the new abilities introduced in Gen V.
  9. Name all the moves with the word 'dance' in their names.
  10. List all the items (including so-called "key items") only found in the game Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

As with every issue, answers go to The Smog, titled "Issue (X) Polls/Trivia". Good luck, and remember not to blame me when you get a headache!

~ Seven Deadly Sins

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