Smeargle's Studio Update

By Fatecrashers. Art by Yilx, DEZTROYA, MissVulpix, nov, elcheeso, and Gerard.
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Here we go with another round of Smeargle's Studio Update! As usual, the Monthly Art Contest is proving to be a fabulous showcase for both old and new artists alike, the Weekly Spriting Contest is as wacky and off-kilter as ever, and a plethora of exciting new art threads are popping up regularly, so let's dive right in!

MAC #17

MAC #17 was quite different from the usual MAC themes, since the goal was to have the focus on something other than the Pokemon, which sort of goes against the grain when you're thinking about creating Pokemon art. So let's see how the artists rose to this challenge:

1st place - Yilx

Perennial favorite Yilx chose to place the emphasis on new gym leader Roxie (or Homika in Japanese), a bold choice to tie in with the release of BW2. Koffing is cleverly transformed into a globe, making it so that Roxie truly has the whole world in her hands. What stood out the most to me, however, has to be the background effects in this picture, as the job done here is very mesmerizing, and it ties the whole theme of the picture together nicely.

2nd place - DEZTROYA

Up-and-comer DEZTROYA creates a good twist on the old trope of Pikachu as an electric rodent, reminding us that if Pikachu existed in the real world he would honestly be more of a pest than anything. Pikachu's presence is communicated only through an iconic silhouette and a baited mousetrap, but that's really all you need. A very creative and funny piece of work.

3rd place - MissVulpix

New face MissVulpix brings to us an image of a sunken ship, with a Lapras-shaped figurehead and a Dragonair swimming in its natural habitat. Though the focus on Dragonair is a bit much for my liking, I'll give it a pass since the underwater lighting effect here is done quite well. The whole picture is so calm and serene, and it's not hard to see why this picture ranks in the top 3 for this round.

MAC #18

MAC #18's theme was Epic Meal Time, as we headed off into the dining room to find out what our favorite Pokemon were like when they chowed down. This was a theme that gave the artists a lot of room to play around, so let's take a gander at what they brought to the table:

1st place - nov

nov brings to us a Pokemon food chain, with a literal sequence of the big fish gobbling up the little fish, and an even bigger fish waiting behind. nov's smart incorporation of four Water Pokemon we know and love just can't be faulted, and it's an image that is both humorous and aesthetically pleasant.

2nd place - elcheeso

elcheeso's artwork may be gruesome by some standards, but the sense of realism also works in its favor. This is an honest portrayal of how a Braviary would really feed if it existed in real life, ripping out the visceral guts of a Magikarp with its sharp beak and talons. The grimacing Magikarp in the water adds a dash of gallows humor, which is never a bad thing in my book.

3rd place - Gerard

Gerard lost to elcheeso only by a hair, and by accounts his picture did indeed put up a fierce competition. Meal time appears to be set in the Pokemon nursery, with a Chansey cook surrounded by a bevy of cute baby Pokemon. Chansey's unique depiction here really serves to distinguish this artwork from the usual fare, as it combines with the bright colors of this piece to really leave an impression in your mind. Gerard goes cute, but also gives a little spin in his own fashion, all in all a great job.

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