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Hello again Smogonites! Did you miss me? No? Oh, I see...

Well, never mind that! I would like to thank Seven Deadly Sins again for jumping in and filling for me while I was away. Well, I did say I was going to have a shot at answering your questions. So I sat down with my big PokePedia and spent a good hour reading to find out everything I needed. I'm fairly sure I have the right answers here.

  1. What is the minimum EXP gain from a freshly hatched Pokémon in order for that Pokémon to evolve purely by level up (not including Pokémon that evolve via "Level Up while/during/having learned X" such as Riolu)?
    I'm assuming this means "evolve using ONLY exp and no outside conditions", because Level 2 Probopass sounds fun. Otherwise it would be the Weedle/Wurmple/Caterpie family, who evolve all at Level 7 and have a Med-F experience curve. Med-F Experience at any level requires minimum of that level cubed exp. points. Therefore, 7^3 = 343 EXP points total.
  2. How many Pokémon gained an immunity in the transition from Gen 4 to Gen 5?
    Counting abilities (changes and new), along with Rotom-S, you get 27. Rotom-S being the only one to benefit from a type-change, that is. Most of them are also as a result of ability upgrades (Lightningrod and Storm Drain) than anything.
  3. Steel-types are most likely found in what Egg group?
    Mineral. There are 9 Mineral Egg group Steel-types, followed closely by 5 Undiscovered, then 4 Bug tied with 4 Human-likes.
  4. What are the names of all the known Flutes in the Pokémon world?
    Poké Flute, Azure Flute, Time Flute, Black/Blue/Red/White/Yellow Flute.
  5. Name all the damage-dealing moves that will never faint the opposing Pokémon.
    False Swipe, Super Fang, and Endeavor cannot faint the opponent.
  6. Name all the moves that received a power increase of 20 BP or greater in the transition from Gen IV to Gen V.
    Covet, Doom Desire, Fire Spin, Future Sight, Hi Jump Kick, Petal Dance, Sand Tomb, Thrash, Uproar, and Whirlpool.
  7. Including gender differences, alternate formes, shiny palettes, and all the possible Spinda spot combinations, how many sprites are programmed in total for all 649 Pokémon?
    3 different Poses. 4,294,967,296 variations per Spinda; that is, 2^32 as Spinda are generated off the game's SIDs, which in turn are generated off 32-bit codes. Therefore across the three generations (RSEFRLG all had the same frontal pose, counting Emerald's animation as the same single pose), 12,884,901,888. Double that for shiny, 25,769,803,776 different Spinda. Of course, that's only from the front. The back has no design, so you have to add 6 back sprites making it a total of 25,769,803,782.
  8. Name all the new abilities introduced in Gen V.
    Analytic, Big Pecks, Contrary, Cursed Body, Defeatist, Flare Boost, Friend Guard, Harvest, Healer, Heavy Metal, Illusion, Imposter, Infiltrator, Iron Barbs, Justified, Light Metal, Magic Bounce, Moody, Moxie, Multiscale, Mummy, Overcoat, Pickpocket, Poison Touch, Prankster, Rattled, Regenerator, Sand Force, Sand Rush, Sap Sipper, Sheer Force, Telepathy, Teravolt, Toxic Boost, Turboblaze, Unnerve, Victory Star, Weak Armor, Wonder Skin, Zen Mode.
  9. Name all the moves with the word 'dance' in their names.
    Dragon Dance, FeatherDance, Fiery Dance, Lunar Dance, Petal Dance, Quiver Dance, Rain Dance, Swords Dance, and Teeter Dance.
  10. List all the items (including so-called "key items") only found in the game Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.
    I'm just going to throw this link out there.

Of course, a few plucky users even went as far as attempting these questions, to which I commend! dcuajunco pulled off an impressive 9/10 points, losing it only on the Spinda question. Indeed, your dedication has been rewarded; just ask the resident trol— I mean... admin for your custom title!

Well, settling back into the rhythm, I think it's high time I gave you guys some questions. Don't worry, I'm as rusty as you guys are, so we'll take it easy for this issue. This doesn't give you an excuse to Slack Off, though!

  1. In the water of Route 21 in Kanto of Generation IV, only two Pokemon have an encounter rate of less than 5%. What are they?
  2. Of Arcanine's Generation V learnset, how many moves have at least 90 Base Power?
  3. In the TCG Expansion Set, Gym Heroes, which Pokemon, if any, are featured as belonging to Trainers that never owned them in the video games, anime, or manga?
  4. In which spin-off game(s) does Darkrai play a major role?
  5. Name two Pokemon that lose Speed upon evolution.
  6. What is the highest level Pokemon that you can naturally face in the wild?
  7. How many abilities have no relevance in battle? Name them.
  8. Name all moves that have been TMs for at least two generations, but have since been replaced/removed.
  9. I'm in Goldenrod City in Generation IV. I've just bought myself two cans of Lemonade, three Ultra Balls, ten Revives, five Max Potions, and one TM38 Fire Blast. How much have I spent?
  10. Which Pokemon has the largest density value?

As always, submit your answers to The Smog, titled "Issue 21 Trivia"! Good luck, one and all!

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