Note from the Editor

By Setsuna.
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By now, a lot of our followers must be wondering: where has The Smog gone? And the truth is, we haven't forgotten about our audience, pushed the project to a side, or anything of the sorts — quite the opposite, in fact, as we have been carrying out many modifications that we hope will make this online effort a much better and more efficient one.

Of the changes that I know will interest our viewers the most is the transition from our usual bi-monthly release to a monthly schedule, and this is a big one. Ever since the inception of The Smog three years ago, we have continued to push new issues to the site every two months or so, and while this always seemed to work well, the reality was a different one, as managing large amounts of articles over a prolonged period of time was starting to become an inefficient task. In order to make these monthly releases possible, we have had to make some modifications across our entire management system, and that's also part of the reason it has taken us more than two months to close this deal. I also want to briefly comment on this growth in content that we have experienced over the last year, which has been pretty phenomenal and unlike anything we have had before, and I on behalf of the entire The Smog team want to thank you, our readers, for that. Big round of applause to both you and the team of dedicated people who contribute toward building every single one of our issues.

Keep in mind, however, that the aforementioned does not mean that issues will be coming out precisely thirty days after the previous one, but something close to that. That being said, over the course of several issues we have firmly and steadily continued to put more interesting reads and killer-great artwork out there, reaching well over 40 articles with every release over the last year or so, and that's an insane amount of information that's been delivered to all the PokeFans around the world who follow The Smog. From now on, every issue will be packed with a little bit less content, which will allow us to work faster and distribute more efficiently the never-ending ideas that power all of our articles. We are very excited about this and we hope you are as well!

Now it's time for you to move on to the next page and start looking at what we have put together for you in this, issue #22!

As usual, don't forget to head over to our forum once you are done and leave some feedback — we want to hear what you think!


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