By Zystral. Art by Fatecrashers.
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Boy, what a year it's been. Plus, we've still got Christmas and Halloween right around the corner! Work doesn't stop here at Smogon for the holidays though. Black 2 and White 2's release has yet to slow down, and we're still busy getting everything up to date and revising content. Feel free to stop by C&C if you think you have what it takes to help out.

Anyway, onto the Trivia! I would like to think that after the easiness of last issue's questions, there'd be some more incentive to participate this time around. Well, let's look at the answers:

  1. In the water of Route 21 in Kanto of Generation IV, only two Pokémon have an encounter rate of less than 5%. What are they?
    Using Rods, Shellder and Lanturn are both at 3% encounter rates.
  2. Of Arcanine's Generation V learnset, how many moves have at least 90 Base Power?
  3. In the TCG Expansion Set, Gym Heroes, which Pokémon, if any, are featured as belonging to Trainers that never owned them in the video games, anime, or manga?
    Erika's Clefairy / Dratini / Dragonair, Lt. Surge's Rattata / Raticate / Spearow / Fearow, Misty's Shellder / Cloyster / Poliwrath / Tentacool / Tentacruel, Sabrina's Venonat / Gastly / Haunter / Gengar, Brock's Lickitung / Sandshrew / Sandslash / Mankey , Blaine's Tauros / Kangashkan.
  4. In which spin-off game(s) does Darkrai play a major role?
    Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia and PMD: Explorers of Time/Darkness.
  5. Name two Pokémon that lose Speed upon evolution.
    Caterpie, Magneton, Onix, Scyther, Wurmple, Anorith, Karrablast, and Tynamo are all viable answers.
  6. What is the highest leveled Pokémon that you can naturally face in the wild?
    100. Magikarp.
  7. How many abilities have no relevance in battle? Name them.
    Honey Gather and Illuminate are the only ones now that Stench and Pickup have relevant abilities.
  8. Name all moves that have been TMs for at least two generations, but have since been replaced/removed.
    Snatch, Skill Swap, Steel Wing, Secret Power, Iron Tail, Giga Drain, Bullet Seed, Water Pulse, Focus Punch, and Dream Eater.
  9. I'm in Goldenrod City in Generation IV. I've just bought myself two cans of Lemonade, three Ultra Balls, ten Revives, five Max Potions, and one TM38 Fire Blast. How much have I spent?
    37300. What a high roller.
  10. Which Pokémon has the largest density value?
    At 0.6m tall, and an assumed conical shape, combined with a weight of 105kg, Munchlax takes the cake, no pun intended.

Congratulations to PKMN Hunter 18 and Coronis for tying for first. You know the drill, PM the resident admin-in-chair for your prize of a custom title.

Well, you know what they say, "no rest for the wicked!" Let's get right into the new series of questions. It's not changed at all; send your answers to The Smog in a PM titled "Issue X Polls/Trivia". Good luck, stay sharp, and EXCELSIOR!

  1. Excluding Ubers, if you built a team with the six fastest Pokémon in existence, what is the BST of your team?
  2. Assuming all Arceus count as a single Pokémon, which ability/abilities is/are the rarest in Ubers?
  3. Name three Pokémon that have made appearances in TCG World Championships finals that have never been in OU by Smogon standards.
  4. Name all the Pokémon that can be captured within the Ranger School grounds (of Ranger: Shadows of Almia) without the use of any Target Clear Field Assists.
  5. What is the name of the home location of Rayquaza in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team?
  6. Name all abilities present in Pokémon Conquest that are not present in the RPG games.
  7. In HG/SS, who is the first Trainer to offer you a trade?
  8. Which incenses do not increase the power of typed attacks?
  9. How many battle-relevant held items were introduced in Black/White?
  10. What is the most common type in the D/P/Pt Regional Pokédex?

~ Prof. Zy

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