Saved by the Bell: PokéSchool IRL

By sandshrewz, with help from Oglemi. Art by sandshrewz.
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What schools mean to the average pupil is probably just a meaningless cycle of tests, homework, more exams, more projects, and also the utmost pressure of grades and overbearing parents. The academics are often so important that students spend a lot more time studying than taking time to ladder on online Pokémon simulators like Pokemon Showdown!. Who would rather study for hours instead of doing something else more enjoyable, if not for the exams and grades? School's a ploy by the adults so that they can keep the children occupied while they are also bogged down by work and make the young ones feel the unhappiness of doing work. You've probably stared at some books long enough to bore holes through them. Social Studies, History, Geography, English (or whichever language you take), Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics... They just spell out BORING, not even fun. Perhaps the only thing worth looking forward to are PE or Gym classes, provided that you at least have some interest in sports or physical activity. The only activity you're likely to have in classes or lectures are probably just your sleeping brain waves. Good job if you managed to stay awake!

There are some perks to schools, but not often do the positives outweigh the negatives in the entertainment level of schools. Like, how did you manage to remember every single [insert tier that you play here] Pokémon and what common sets they use and yet fail to remember the date in the History textbook at page x? Well, you could probably have done a lot better if you had a fun teacher you would really listen to. So, how can you make the education experience more pleasant then? Add Pokémon to the equation, of course!


Schools with Pokémon are no doubt totally different from the schools that we go to. There are infinite possibilities when you mix Pokémon with schools. What could go wrong? Pokémon opens up many opportunities to modify the education system that we have now. The typical school experience will definitely be a whole new one, and more likely than not, a much better and exciting one. That's what we all think, anyway. There's no harm in fantasizing over how PokéSchools would be like. Pokémon can help as teaching aids for teachers, making teaching even more versatile and flexible. You no longer have to just look at the PowerPoint slides on the screen; you can look at Pokémon! Pokémon can't put you to sleep, unless Sleep Powder, Hypnosis, or some other sleep-inducing moves are used, but there's no reason to. They're not like teachers who purposely use Sing to put you to sleep and then give you a painful Wake-Up Slap for Punishment. Now, let's move on to some common subjects that can take an interesting approach with Pokémon.


There's plenty of math in Pokémon. In fact, math is essential to Pokémon. Think that Math is boring with all the equations, trigonometry, and perhaps the simpler addition and division? That's probably due to how boring some of the questions are and how repetitive your homework is. They drill concepts into your brain so that you can memorize them regardless of whether you enjoy doing them or not. Math with Pokémon is a whole new different thing. With Pokémon, stat calculation becomes important. Want to do multiplication and addition? A question can now ask you to calculate the Special Defense stat of a level 68 Calm Jirachi with 240 Special Defense EVs. Now what if it has a -3 in Special Defense? If you can't do math, you're taking a huge risk in Pokémon battling too. Don't get your Pokémon KOed by entry hazards just because you can't divide your Pokémon's HP by four and round it down. It's not just that math questions can be phrased differently; if your teacher is adventurous enough, he/she might even let you have a Pokémon battle to demonstrate the math of Pokémon. Show your Math teacher that you're good in the subject and in battling by defeating him/her, of course.

Now, is anyone up for memorizing the damage formula?


You've probably used an ancient bar magnet to try and magnetize an iron nail or something when you studied magnetism. That wasn't the most boring of lessons when you got something to do and captivate yourself. But imagine if you had some friendly Magnemite to help out! Their electromagnets are of high voltage, however. So don't get too close to them. Magnemite are excellent partners for Chemistry too. If you want help with atomic structures and the VSEPR theory, they'll gladly align themselves and become the best teaching models that can automatically modify. Need some electrons? A handful of Voltorb would do. Just make sure you have a Damp Pokémon like Poliwrath in the classroom as they have a tendency to Explode. If you're interested in Biology... NO, I don't mean you get to dissect Pokémon... What I meant was you get to study Pokémon Biology! It's something interesting to study instead of trying to remember how cells undergo mitosis. Pokémon reproduction is definitely more interesting, and how every Pokémon start off as an Egg unless its one that can't reproduce. How do genderless Pokémon multiply in nature anyway? Perhaps we can now understand the wonders of Ditto, which also looks like a cell. Maybe Ditto undergo mitosis. You can also spend your class reading Pokémon Biology articles written by experts of Smogon University too.

Other Subjects

Having PE or Gym classes? The Machamp line can help you buff up, even for the ladies. If you're playing soccer though, don't ever invite a Hitmonlee, especially if you're goal keeping. If it's some dojo related activity, be careful if your teacher has asked Hitmonchan to help out too. On second thoughts, you probably don't want Pokémon for such classes. Clefable and other Sing users are great for the Choir. They can help correct your tune and put up a joyous atmosphere to match some songs. Don't let Jigglypuff catch any wind of that though, and keep markers out of reach. If you learn programming in school, the Porygon can quickly test out strings of codes for you and show you whatever errors there might be. Better than trying to debug your code and hope you catch your own error!

Trainer Schools

With Pokémon, there will definitely be trainer schools that specialize in competitive battling. Such schools are definitely going to be rare but popular. They produce the elite trainers that would take on the illustrious jobs of Gym Leaders and perhaps even the Elite Four. Critical hits are no matter of luck and hax to them. Probably the most text-heavy thing to study would be on the weaknesses of every single Pokémon, so that you can attempt to score even more critical hits than Youngster Joey. Of course, Smogon University would probably be among the best, or even the top trainer school. It's where the most competitive trainers gather. I would like to imagine how it would be like in Smogon University. It'd probably be grueling, but that's where you can find the top battlers too. You'd want to trade your textbooks for thousands of detailed analyses written to help you become the top player and the very best that no one ever was. In trainer schools, you can avoid having to study things that you'd probably have no use for in the future, but yet have fun learning about competitive battling. Smogon University will not be a place for the faint-hearted.


It's up to you to think whether it's for better or for worse to have Pokémon mixed with school. Pokémon can make schools more interesting, but relating Pokémon to schoolwork isn't always fun as well. I mean, if Pokémon become such a crucial part to schools, Pokémon will just be another reminder of school instead of nothing but fun. Good luck to you in PokéSchools if you happen to get a nasty teacher that use Shadow Tag to keep you from going to the toilet, or have a Drowzee in class to induce Nightmares should you fall asleep. Having PorygonSlides™ definitely adds to the visual impact and is better than listening to a broken record droning on forever till the class ends. It's perhaps the best for Pokémon not to exist so that we can continue to wonder about this perfect school instead of finding out what disadvantages might lurk in PokéSchools. But one thing's for sure, in PokéSchools, you can safely complain that your Growlithe ate or burnt your homework.

Until then, keep dreaming on in class until the bell signals the end of school. And stop procrastinating and do your schoolwork!

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