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Happy Christmas, Kwanzaa, belated Hanukkah, and, for all you Canadians, Boxing Day! This issue of the trivia is brought to you by our newest author, Level 51, filling in for Zystral on this fine day, who cannot be here as he has taken a trip to New York, where he is no doubt sightseeing at the Statue of Liberty. Anyone wishing to contact Zystral regarding this week's issue should speak to me or another member of the Smog Staff, who will be handling the trivia for this issue at the very least! Best of luck to you all!

—Windsong (official secretary to Birkal)

The response to last issue was... somewhat underwhelming. At least it was better than the response to Issue 17's... seems custom titles aren't good enough, eh? Regardless, let's congratulate Cereza and Coronis on their victories in the last issue's trivia! As they both already have existing custom titles, they now have the opportunity to change them! Please PM any administrator if you do decide to change your custom title. Just don't PM Haunter; we don't want you to accidentally getting super mods!

As for the other entries, if you were wondering where you went wrong, here are the answers, supplied by me (as we couldn't access Zystral's answer key).

  1. Excluding Ubers, if you built a team with the six fastest Pokémon in existence, what is the BST of your team?
    A team comprising Ninjask, Accelgor, Electrode, Jolteon, Aerodactyl, and Crobat, the six fastest non-Ubers Pokemon, has a BST of 3006.
  2. Assuming all Arceus count as a single Pokémon, which ability/abilities is/are the rarest in Ubers?
    Multitype, Blaze, Speed Boost, Bad Dreams, Sand Rush, Sand Force, Mold Breaker, Levitate, Drought, Regenerator, Drizzle, Multiscale, Hydration, Unnerve, Air Lock, Serene Grace, Prankster, Teravolt, and Defiant are only available to a single Pokemon each in Ubers. Download is a possible answer as well, as Genesect was banned to Ubers recently.
  3. Name three Pokémon that have made appearances in TCG World Championships finals that have never been in OU by Smogon standards.
    Up to 2011, the answers (as far as we know) are: Delcatty, Bellossom, Manectric, Rayquaza, Dunsparce, Groudon, Zangoose, Claydol, Camerupt, Wobbuffet, Gardevoir, Yanmega, Pidgeot, Blastoise, Plusle, Solrock, Lunatone, Girafarig, Regirock, Fearow, Absol, Chatot, Corsola, Banette, Electrode, Sableye, Unown, Mewtwo, Palkia, Mesprit, Uxie, Beedrill, Luxray, Crobat, Dialga, Jumpluff, Pachirisu, Reshiram, Vileplume, Zekrom, Emboar, and Rayquaza. Note that we didn't accept any NFEs as answers, or else the question would have been too easy!
  4. Name all the Pokémon that can be captured within the Ranger School grounds (of Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia) without the use of any Target Clear Field Assists.
    Bidoof, Budew, Pichu, Squirtle, Taillow, Zubat, and Gastly. Charmander and Doduo were also accepted, as they can be captured without the use of any Target Clear Field Assists after becoming a top ranger; so was Tangrowth, as it can be captured similarly during the first mission.
  5. What is the name of the home location of Rayquaza in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team?
    Rayquaza can be found in the Sky Tower.
  6. Name all abilities present in Pokémon Conquest that are not present in the RPG games.
    Aqua Boost, Black Hole, Bodyguard, Bonanza, Calming, Celebrate, Climber, Confidence, Conqueror, Daze, Decoy, Deep Sleep, Disgust, Dodge, Explode, Flame Boost (the English version is Flare Boost!), Fortune, Frighten, Frostbite, Grass Cloak, Gulp, Herbivore, Hero, High-rise, Hot Blooded, Instinct, Interference, Jagged Edge, Last Bastion, Life Force, Lullaby, Lunchbox, Medic, Melee, Mood Maker, Mountaineer (CAPs are not in the RPG games -.-), Nomad, Nurse, Omnipotence, Parry, Perception, Power Nap, Pride, Run Up, Sandpit, Sequence, Shackle, Shadow Dash, Share, Shield, Skater, Spirit, Sponge, Sprint, Stealth, Tenacity, Thrust, Vanguard, Warm Blanket, and Wave Rider.
  7. In HG/SS, who is the first Trainer to offer you a trade?
    In Violet City, a Trainer named Rudy will offer you his Onix, named Rocky, in exchange for a Bellsprout.
  8. Which incenses do not increase the power of typed attacks?
    Full Incense, Lax Incense, Luck Incense, and Pure Incense.
  9. How many battle-relevant held items were introduced in Black/White?
    There are 31 such items—the Absorb Bulb, Air Balloon, Binding Band, Cell Battery, Eject Button, Eviolite, Float Stone, Red Card, Ring Target, Rocky Helmet, the four Drives, and all 17 type Gems.
  10. What is the most common type in the D/P/Pt Regional Pokédex?
    With 35 entries in total after the Platinum expansion, Water takes a narrow win over Flying, which has 32 entries.

And, of course, as I promised some lines ago, here are this month's questions! I've taken this opportunity to make all of you use your brain a bit more, even if your finals are already over!

  1. How many abilities are only available as Dream World abilities?
  2. Name all the HG/SS TMs that are available through the use of the Pokéwalker.
  3. Which Pokemon takes the least damage from Choice Band Rampardos's Head Smash, assuming they hold no items?
  4. What is the most common BST among all LC Pokémon? How many Pokémon share this BST?
  5. Name all the Pokemon that can appear in multiple levels of the Battle Pyramid.
  6. Black Tower is how many floors tall?
  7. My King's Rock Jirachi has just used Iron Head on my foe's Umbreon. What is the chance of it flinching?
  8. The music in the Castelia Sewers can be found where else?
  9. Who is the only person to have won two Pokemon TCG World Championships? In what years did he/she win them?
  10. Name all the legendary trios ever to not have equal BSTs among all three members.

As usual, please send your answers to The Smog in a PM titled "Issue 23 Trivia"! Good luck and have fun!

~ Level 51

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