By Level 51. Art by Fatecrashers.
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Salutations, Smogon! Level 51 here (as you probably saw already from the header above) again, filling in for Zystral, who seems to have gone... *ahem* temporarily on break. Again. Which leaves me to pick up his slack. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Birkgoons' increased business levels—apparently they've skyrocketed since a few days ago!

I am as socially inept as usual, so it is in my best interests to move on to the main content of this article and skip the small talk. I've been warned on several occasions not to give such difficult trivia, but Zystral's is probably just waaaay too easy. In my opinion, anyway. Now on to the answers (which were easily deduced by a simple Bulbapedia search)!

  1. Shedinja is a Ghost-type with 45 Defense. Only one other Pokemon fits this criteria. What is it?
    Haunter. Duh.
  2. The total number of buildings in Petalburg City is 6. How many signs are there?
    15—3 regular boring signs, 12 signs on the doors in the Gym.
  3. Of all the plates, only one has a name length that is equivalent to the length of the name of the type it boosts. Which is it?
    Zap Plate, which boosts the Electric-type, has 8 letters.
  4. Presa, Klammer, and Hasamu are all the same thing. Name all the Pokemon with access to it.
    Krabby, Kingler, Pinsir, Mawile, Corpish, Crawdaunt, Klink, Klang, Klinklang, and Durant all have access to ViceGrip, also known as Presa, Klammer, and Hasamu.
  5. Bug-types are primarily which color group?
    Containing 16 Bug-types, the primary color group of Bug-types is Red.
  6. In the Fiore Region's Browser, which Field Move appears consecutively the most times?
    Burn appears 9 times in a row, from Browser entries R-135 to R-143.
  7. Red, when you defeat him on Mt. Silver in HGSS, pays out how much as prize money?
    He gives out 16800 Pokédollars. Quite a hefty sum!
  8. Kricketot, as of Boundaries Crossed, and ignoring Plasma Gale, has had how many TCG printings?
    5—in Mysterious Treasures, Platinum, Supreme Victors, Triumphant, and Next Destinies.
  9. A Rotom-W with Choice Specs, a positive nature, and maximum Special Attack EV investment would take how many shots to take out a 252 HP / 252 Special Defense Suicune with a +Special Defense nature, assuming PP is unlimited?
    At minimum, only one hit is necessary—252+ SpA Choice Specs Rotom-W Thunder vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Suicune: 362-428 (89.6 – 105.94%)—37.5% chance to OHKO.
  10. Lightningrod has appeared on a very limited pool of Pokemon. Ignoring unique abilities, which abilities have lower distribution than it?
    Drizzle, Honey Gather, Multiscale, White Smoke, Arena Trap, Drought, Harvest, Immunity, Magic Bounce, Magma Armor, Marvel Scale, Poison Heal, Sand Stream, Suction Cups, Truant, Download, Liquid Ooze, Motor Drive, Solid Rock, Wonder Skin, Contrary, Cursed Body, Dry Skin, Friend Guard, Healer, Heavy Metal, Light Metal, Magnet Pull, Pickpocket, Poison Touch, Shield Dust, Simple, Trace, Volt Absorb, Adaptability, Anticipation, Cloud Nine, Forewarn, Illuminate, Minus, No Guard, Rough Skin, Sand Rush, Skill Link, Solar Power, Anger Point, Compoundeyes, Effect Spore, Klutz, Moody, Plus, Stench, Storm Drain, Tangled Feet, Unaware, Aftermath, Battle Armor, Shadow Tag Snow Cloak, Speed Boost, Sticky Hold, Hyper Cutter, Justified, Scrappy, Steadfast, Super Luck, Tinted Lens, Unburden, Iron Fist, Limber, Magic Guard, Pickup, Big Pecks, Clear Body, Frisk, Infiltrator, Insomnia, Moxie, Prankster, Rain Dish, Rattled, Reckless, Sap Sipper, Water Veil, Analytic, Cute Charm, Defiant, Ice Body, Mold Breaker, Quick Feet, Serene Grace, Sniper, Soundproof, Vital Spirit, Natural Cure, Flame Body, Leaf Guard, Poison Point, Sand Force, Static, Technician, and Telepathy. PS I hate Zystral.

Boy, that last answer sure was a doozy! Regardless, let's congratulate TheRustledJimmies and Fanal on their momentous achievements in conquering this batch of trivia! Please PM the respective administrator of your choice to claim your item of an old sock, which can be stretched across your postbit to act as a Custom Title. I can assure you that whoever wins this round's trivia will have deserved their Custom Title much more though... ;)

  1. As of Gen IV, which pairs/groups of abilities which have identical in-battle and after-battle (but not necessarily out-of-battle) effects? (For example, if Cacophony still existed, one such pair would be Soundproof/Cacophony.)
  2. How many fully-evolved Pokémon capable of learning Stealth Rock are immune to or resist Water-type attacks?
  3. Liepard is probably best known for its flagship set of Swagger/Thunder Wave/Substitute/Foul Play. What is the sum of the Attack stats of all other Pokémon with the ability Prankster capable of learning the exact same moveset?
  4. Name all the currencies ever to exist in the Pokémon games.
  5. In which places can you catch wild Pokémon at Level 100 without making use of glitches?
  6. As of Gen IV, which Pokémon will always benefit from being poisoned?
  7. How many abilities which were signature in Gen IV are no longer signature?
  8. Name all Pokémon currently OU which are not used by Trainers on the Battle Subway.
  9. Name all the Pokémon which start at the same base friendship level as Heatran.
  10. Which Pokémon has the same National Pokédex number as its P?DA Strategy Memo number in Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness?

As usual, send your answers in a PM titled "Issue 25 Trivia" to The Smog. Good luck, you'll need it!

~ L51

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