Note from the Editor

By Setsuna.
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Welcome to issue #26! The production team at our magazine has been working really hard this past month to bring to you all this new issue, and as always, we have a lot of interesting and entertaining content to show for. To be precise, issue #26 comes loaded with 30 articles which encompass all of our six categories, with some examples being Pokemon Biology, the Arterview and Interview, and several OU/NU/Doubles Spotlight features. Speaking of which, our new Spotlight series is essentially a substitute for the old Featured Article/Pokémon format that we used to have for some articles, and we decided to make this change because we think it gives writers more flexibility to adapt this type of articles to their interests and their community. It's a change we're liking a lot. In general, though, we're very pleased with what our team has put together for our global audience to read this time around! For all of us in the Smog Staff, it is always a great feeling to work with such a talented and creative group of people — cheers!

We hope you enjoy issue #26, and as always, here is a link to the project's sub-forum where we open up a User Feedback poll shortly after every release; you're welcome to take a look at it any time! Lastly, if you're interested in knowing the names of the people who contributed to issue #26, here is a link for that too and you can always access it from the project's home page.


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