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Greetings again, Smogon! Zystral is once again absent, but fear not; Birkal says he's been staying with him and is doing just fine. Or so he says anyway, but is there ever any reason to doubt our friendly super moderator Birkal (apart from the episode involving him kidnapping Zystral)? Since I'm here anyway, let's forget about Zystral for the time being and move on to the trivia!

As usual, we had a great number of entries last round, with a total of four complete entries to look over! This was great for me because it meant less work. After taking a really short amount of time going through the submissions because people also missed out crucial answers, I've decided that the winner is Captain Apollo! It wasn't hard, really; he won by a landslide margin of 2 whole points! And in case you think I'm being sarcastic, 2 points was apparently a lot this round. Captain Apollo, please message an administrator of your choice to claim your felt-tip pen, which you can use to write on your postbit to give yourself a custom title. Regardless, let's look over the trivia our brave participants had to... well, brave.

  1. As of Gen IV, which pairs/groups of abilities have identical in-battle and after-battle (but not necessarily out-of-battle) effects? (For example, if Cacophony still existed, one such pair would be Soundproof/Cacophony.)
    Battle Armor/Shell Armor (prevent critical hits), Clear Body/White Smoke (prevent lowering of stats), Filter/Solid Rock (reduce damage done by super effective hits), Air Lock/Cloud Nine (cancel weather effects), Insomnia/Vital Spirit (prevent sleep), Huge Power/Pure Power (double Attack), and Illuminate/Stench (no effect).
  2. How many fully evolved Pokémon capable of learning Stealth Rock are immune to or resist Water-type attacks?
    9 (or 11 if Arceus formes are counted separately): Cradily (with Storm Drain), Ferrothorn, Celebi, Empoleon, Bibarel, Dialga, Seismitoad (with Water Absorb), Druddigon, and Water / Grass / Dragon Arceus.
  3. Liepard is probably best known for its flagship set of Swagger/Thunder Wave/Substitute/Foul Play. What is the sum of the Attack stats of all other Pokémon with the ability Prankster capable of learning the exact same moveset?
    250—the Pokémon and their base Attack stats are Thundurus (115), Murkrow (85), and Purrloin (50).
  4. Name all the currencies ever to exist in the Pokémon games.
    Pokémon Dollars, Coins, Battle Points, Castle Points, Athlete Points, Pokés, and Poké Coupons. Spheres, Volcanic Ash, and Berry Powder may also be counted if we use the definition of "currency" loosely; Watts can also be included if we extend our scope to include the Pokéwalker.
  5. In which places can you catch wild Pokémon at Level 100 without making use of glitches?
    The Resort Area in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and the Nature Preserve in Black 2/White 2.
  6. As of Gen IV, which Pokémon will always benefit from being poisoned?
    Ursaring—either its Speed or Attack will increase (due to Quick Feet or Guts, respectively) when it is poisoned—and Milotic—its Defense will always increase due to its sole ability, Marvel Scale.
  7. How many abilities which were signature in Gen IV are no longer signature?
    23—Magic Guard (Clefable line), Cloud Nine (Golduck line), No Guard (Machamp line), Skill Link (Cloyster line), Iron Fist (Hitmonchan), Reckless (Hitmonlee), Download (Porygon-Z line), Shadow Tag (Wobbuffet line), Rain Dish (Ludicolo line), Poison Heal (Breloom line), Truant (Slaking line), Plus (Plusle), Minus (Minun), Rough Skin (Sharpedo line), White Smoke (Torkoal), Marvel Scale (Milotic), Drizzle (Kyogre), Drought (Groudon), Unaware (Bibarel line), Honey Gather (Combee), Unburden (Drifblim line), Klutz (Lopunny line), and Motor Drive (Electivire).
  8. Name all Pokémon currently OU which are not used by Trainers on the Battle Subway.
    Celebi, Jirachi, Keldeo, Kyurem-B, Thundurus-T, Landorus-T, Rotom-W, and Cloyster.
  9. Name all the Pokémon which start at the same base friendship level as Heatran.
    Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Luxio, Pachirisu, Ambipom, Croagunk, Cresselia, Shaymin, Victini, and Meloetta.
  10. Which Pokémon has the same National Pokédex number as its PDA Strategy Memo number in Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness?
    With an index number of 165 in both indexes, Ledyba is the only Pokémon to exhibit this trait.

Phew! One surprising thing is that everyone actually bothered to do Question 10, and that everyone got Question 4 wrong... which shows how few people play the Pokéathlon. Hopefully, you'll fare better in this next round of trivia; I was told (yet again) to make my questions easier.

  1. As of Gen IV, TMs have been color-coded according to their type. However, in BW, two TMs were colored incorrectly. Which two were these?
  2. Traditionally, move animations involve minimal movement of the Pokémon sprites themselves. However, some animations involve the user moving all the way to the other side of the field (where the opponent is)! Name one of these moves.
  3. Let's say you're battling in a VGC tournament. On your side is Pokémon X, which is a Trick Room setter, and an Amoonguss; on your opponent's side is a Hitmontop and an Infernape. With this data in mind, you are completely sure that you will be able to set up Trick Room this turn. Which Pokémon could X be?
  4. Which starter Pokémon in the main games did not have a move super effective against Magneton in the generation it (the starter) was released?
  5. In the Pokémon World Tournament, you can download tournaments involving the top 4 players at the 2012 VGC from each division. Which item is used the most, and on which teams does it not feature? (Note that we are not including World Finalist Brendan's initial team, which was distributed from Oct. 21 to 23, 2012 and was erroneous.)
  6. Which floor of the Kanto Victory Road always holds at least one TM regardless of which version you are playing?
  7. How many dual-type Pokémon are immune to at least one of their STABs?
  8. If I have a Rotom-C with Leaf Storm and Thunderbolt, its moveset will revert to simply Thunderbolt when I change it back to its original form. What happens when I convert a Rotom-W with only Hydro Pump back to its original form?
  9. Name all the moves of non-zero priority in Generation I.
  10. I send in a Musharna with Forewarn into an opponent's Gastrodon with Return/Earthquake/Waterfall/Mirror Coat. Which move am I alerted to?

As usual, send your answers in a PM to The Smog titled "Issue 26 Trivia". If you have any feedback about the questions or the answers given, you can contact me directly. Good luck, and have fun!

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