Insider X & Y Leaks, Straight From the Playground

By TheMantyke. Art by Bummer.
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Pokémon X & Y are an agonizing four months away. The rumors flying around on websites like Pokébeach have made things even worse; I've become obsessed with finding out more about these games. Through my obsessive searching on the Internet for new information, I discovered an anonymous tip that someone at the local elementary school apparently had a wealth of information on the new games. I snuck into the school’s playground at recess time and asked the surrounding children where I could find this alleged information source. A young boy on the swings told me that all the cool kids hung out underneath the slide playset. If this kid was handing out information about the new Pokémon games, there was no doubt he was on the top of the schoolyard hierarchy and the coolest kid in school. In a flash, I was there.

There he was, a chubby 5th grader with a cluster of other younger kids sitting around him. Bright red light radiated behind him from the sun beating down on the red plastic slide we were underneath. He had a Hi-C juicebox in hand with two additional crumpled containers and an empty McDonalds box sitting to his right. He introduced himself as Jeffery. I sat down and asked for information on the new game. Jeffery started spewing the most outlandish leaks about the games I had ever heard. I was steamed by the end of his rant and ready to storm off when I asked where he got all this information.

He replied with, "My dad works at Nintendo."

That was it. THIS was the real deal. This kid was directly linked to the source. With his credibility confirmed, I took out my notepad and began scribbling note on what the new games were to hold.

The Facts


This is obviously huge information. If you're up for discussing these rumors and leaks, head over to the Pokémon X & Y Discussion thread on our forums. Everyone else ignores the rules on the first page anyway, so you're not doing too much harm.

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