By Level 51 and Cereza. Art by Fatecrashers.
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Once again, welcome to another iteration of everyone's (everyone as in everyone who thinks banning Drizzle is a good idea) favorite part of The Smog, Trivia! As most of you may recall, I'm really bad at making small talk. That's why I've recruited Cereza to help me out with this task! Cereza is quite the star at designing trivia questions even more trying and difficult than my own. Having won The Smog's Trivia competition twice already, we couldn't resist her offer to help out (and make life easier for me). Hopefully they'll become a permanent fixture here; creating high-quality trivia is a tough task!

Now, on to the first order of business. Last issue's trivia was definitely a step up in terms of difficulty, but I think you'll find that this issue's questions are even harder to Google... er, I mean to solve. Regardless, let's give qtrx a hand for finishing last issue's Trivia with an amazing score of 9 out of 10! You can claim your prize of a custom user title from an administrator of your choice. I think you'll find some of the answers...surprising.

  1. How many moves had their priorities changed between Generations IV and V?
    4—Protect, Detect, Fake Out, and ExtremeSpeed.
  2. In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, there are ten different IQ groups that depend on a Pokémon's species. Which is the only group to contain a Pokémon of every type?
    Group C is the only such group to fulfill this criterion.
  3. If I were to add up the priorities of every single move to exist, what would the sum be?
    Based on your assumptions on the priority level of Pursuit, the answer can either be -7 or -14.
  4. I'm fighting in a Double Battle, and Trick Room is active. My +6 Speed Ninjask (with the maximum base Speed number) uses Baton Pass, while my Slowking (with its Custap Berry activated) uses Surf. Meanwhile, the opponent's Rhyperior uses Rock Slide, and his Dragonite uses Aqua Jet. What is the order of the moves this turn?
    Dragonite goes first thanks to the +1 priority of Aqua Jet; next, Slowking "outspeeds" all other Pokémon in its priority bracket thanks to Custap Berry and uses Surf. Ninjask makes use of the Trick Room glitch to override Trick Room and go next, and finally Rhyperior (if it's still alive after the Surf) uses Rock Slide.
  5. Suppose we score every Pokémon based on their weaknesses and resistances; an immunity scores 3 points, a 4x resistance 2 points, a 2x resistance 1 point, a 2x weakness -1 points, and a 4x weakness -2 points. Which Pokémon would score the highest, and what would its score be?
    Shedinja wins hands down with a score of 31. If we exclude Shedinja, Heatran scores 16 and wins. If we ignore the effects of abilities completely, Skarmory wins with a score of 15.
  6. How many numbered routes in Unova can one traverse (i.e., get from one entrance to another) without stepping in any grass patches?
    Almost all of them—Routes 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, and 23 can be traversed without stepping into any grass, making for a total of 19 such routes.
  7. Name a Pokémon which loses all the weaknesses it has in the main games in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.
    Bronzong gets Levitate AND Heatproof, causing it to have no weaknesses.
  8. Not including moves that only boost one stat by one stage, name all the boosting moves that exist as a sub-effect of other boosting moves (for example, Calm Mind is a sub-effect of Quiver Dance because Quiver Dance includes Calm Mind's +1 boosts to Special Attack and Special Defence in addition to its further +1 Speed boost).
    There are 14 such moves—Bulk Up, Hone Claws, Dragon Dance, Agility, Rock Polish, Work Up, Swords Dance, Shift Gear, Nasty Plot, Growth, Calm Mind, Iron Defense, Acid Armor, and Barrier. Note that Autotomize is not included because it also lowers the user's weight.
  9. Two Pokémon in the main games can be heard landing on the ground when released from their Poké Balls, despite having the ability Levitate. Name one of them.
    Gengar and Eelektross share this really weird trait, despite not even being the heaviest Pokémon with Levitate!
  10. Name one Pokémon with a unique EV yield.
    Any of the following will do: Entei, Beedrill, Darkrai, Flygon, Raikou, Delcatty, Relicanth, Seadra, Ninetales, Kyurem, and Meloetta-P.

Phew! Surprisingly, everyone got the "hardest" question—Number 10—correct, presumably through the process known as "Googling". Anyway, thanks to Cereza, I'm sure you'll find this set of questions much harder to solve with just Google!

  1. In the anime, a few Pokémon have appeared with a heart shape in their body. This shape does not appear on any other Pokémon of said species. Can you name at least 2 of these Pokémon?
  2. In the Pokémon main games, name all the Pokémon that can have a move they naturally can't learn (ie, by level up, TM, HM, or tutor). Do not include event Pokémon.
  3. Name a move which was signature at the start of Gen V but is no longer signature.
  4. Although this move was introduced in Gen V, no Pokémon from Gen V can actually learn it. What move am I describing?
  5. Name all the Pokémon that during any generation are/were unable to learn a single STAB move just by leveling up.
  6. Name all the Pokémon that can reach their final evolution before they reach Level 5.
  7. In the DPP Pokédex, which Pokémon are not shown to have more than one forme, even though they do?
  8. Name all the Dream World exclusive moves (moves that a Pokémon can only get through the Dream World).
  9. Which TMs are only obtainable through the Game Corner in a certain generation?
  10. Which is the only Pokémon with a unique typing to have an evolution without a unique typing?

Are the questions better than last time? Would you like to see more of these types of questions? As always, send your answers in a private message titled "Issue 29 Trivia" to The Smog. Not me. Send your feedback in a private message to me. Not The Smog. Good luck, and don't get your message recipients mixed up!

~Level 51 and Cereza

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