Featured UU RMT: "UU Balance" by Celebi_trainer_ice.

Team by Celebi_trainer_ice with commentary by Twist Of Fate.
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At A Glance

Uxie Absol Blaziken Roserade Milotic Registeel
Uxie @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SDef
Bold nature (+Def, -Atk)
-Stealth Rock
-Thunder Wave

Comments: Uxie is a very sturdy lead, and that's why I picked it. 130 base in both defenses and a decent 75 base in HP were too good to pass up. It can easily withstand a lot the UU metagame has to offer, and either cripple opponents or set up rocks. It easily switches into most of the Fighters that give my team trouble, such as Blaziken('s superpower) and Hariyama, and hit them back hard with a STAB Psychic.

Against the top 10 leads, this is what I usually do:

Moveset: Standard Uxie set. When I first got back into the swing of UU, I would always see people use Uxie with Yawn as opposed to thunder wave. I thought “why Yawn when it can Thunder Wave to instantly cripple things?” So when I was building this team, I opted to test out Thunder Wave > Yawn on Uxie, and it was great. It nails sweepers like Absol or Espeon who might switch in on predicted Psychics, and the parahax it may provide is a plus. Stealth Rock instantly checks Moltres, Scyther, Yanmega, and anything else weak to Rock. It also help in slowly chipping away the opponent's HP. Psychic is for STAB and is mainly for those fighters, and U-turn is there for scouting purposes, as well as nailing some super-effective hits on anything weak to it.

EVs / Nature: Max out its decent HP, then go for Defense. Leftovers go into Sp. Def. Nothing fancy. +Def nature is to help absorb hits.

Absol @ Life Orb
Ability: Super Luck
EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
-Night Slash
-Sucker Punch

Comments: Absol, along with Blaziken, provides the firepower that my team needs to combat the likes of stall and Rain Dance. Originally, I had Honchkrow here, but ever since it became a suspect, I've been using Absol, although it has proven not to be as effective as Honch. Either way, it still gets the job done. Super Luck is chosen as the preferred ability, because those critical hits can be annoying for the opponent. Originally, I also had Scope Lens, but I like Orb for the enhanced power. Occasionally I'll alternate between Absol and Drapion, because both of them are similar, and Drapion has the added bonus of being a second check to Roserade and Absol (with Battle Armor), both of whom are problematic to the team.

Moveset: Night Slash is a deadly move that has a pretty high chance to crit you, unless you have Battle Armor. It is also a power STAB attack that is used to nail Psychics like Slowbro, and can turn 3HKOs into 2HKOs if you are lucky enough to critical hit. Sucker Punch is there for priority, and also checks Rain Dance and Sunny Day, albeit not that great, because I absolutely do not like like Sucker Punch / Night Slash / Pursuit prediction wars. Superpower nails Normal- and Steel-types who would otherwise wall Absol completely. Pursuit is there because most people don't expect it and carelessly switch out their move-locked 'mons, netting Absol some lucky KOs. It also dents a switching Chansey who'll attempt to flee an expected Superpower.

EVs / Nature: Max Attack and Speed for maximum sweeping capability. Jolly to ensure I tie with other Absols.

Blaziken @ Life Orb
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 188 Atk/68 Spd/252 SAtk
Rash nature (+SAtk, -SDef)
-Fire Blast
-Hidden Power [Grass]
-Stone Edge

Comments: <3 Blaziken. I now see why Heysup loves this thing. It can single-handedley (with correct prediction) destroy stall teams. The raw power it provides is much needed, seeing as dismantling stall teams was one of the objectives of this team. With two 120 base STAB moves, Blaziken will usually net at least one kill per game, if not then it'll surely dent something.

Moveset: Powerful dual-STABs in the names of Fire Blast and Superpower are a godsend. They hit things who are weak against them extremely hard, and the same goes for anything neutral to them. HP Grass is there to deal with the bulky waters that cause him problems, and iirc, Fire Blast + HP Grass from Blaziken will be able to take down Slowbro. In the last slot, I have Stone Edge, as opposed to Vacuum Wave because stone edge helps to counter stall better. It can easily KO a Moltres that may have been paralyzed, or an Altaria that switches into one of my moves, especially if I have rocks on the field. I've never really found Vacuum Wave all that handy, except when Absol is giving me problems, and even then, Blaziken may have to take a Swords Danced Sucker Punch, which will pretty much limit his sweeping potential.

EVs / Nature: Blaziken needs max SpA to deal as much damage as possible with Fire Blast. The Speed EVs that Blaziken has generate 213 speed, enough to outspeed Adamant Torterra (211) (beause it would absolutely suck not to be able to outspeed that slow fucker and nail it with Fire Blast), while also outpacing those who invest in enough Speed for the same purpose (212), such as Milotic. The rest of the EVs were dumped into Attack to enhance Superpower's and Stone Edge's power. Rash powers up my Fire Blast so I can wreck shit.

Roserade @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 6 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk
Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk)
-Leaf Storm
-Sludge Bomb
-Hidden Power [Ice]

Comments: ScarfRade is amazing. Originally I had Shaymin in this spot, but I think I like Roserade better because of one reason: it soaks of Toxic Spikes while Shaymin doesnt. I used Scarf Shaymin to counter Rain Dance teams and to surprise Crobat switch-ins, but Rade gets the job done almost as well. It outspeeds Modest Omastar and Gorebyss in the rain and hits them with a power Leaf Storm. Roserade is also my answer to a once Rock-Polished Adamant Torterra, seeing as it can out speed and hit it with HP Ice. Of course, Roserade is not as fast as shaymin, which means it still gets outsped by Ludicolo and Kabutops is the rain.

Moveset: Leaf Storm is for power STAB. It can easily cause a lot of damage to anything that doesnt resist it, and it can still do some damage at -2 SpA. Sludge Bomb is powerful STAB and allows me to hit other Grass-types. HP Ice is specifically for Altaria and Torterra, becaise they can because problematic if not stopped. Also, I didn't choose HP Fire or Ground because it'll do diddlyshit to the Registeel that may switch in. Rest is to recover HP that I may have lost due to repeatedly switching into Surfs or other attacks, or just by entry hazards. I can sometimes get a free Rest off of a fleeing bulky Water such as Milotic who fears Leaf Storm.

EVs / Nature: Max SpA and Speed for max efficiency. Timid so I can be as fast as possible.

Milotic @ Leftovers
Ability: Marvel Scale
EVs: 252 HP/200 Def/56 Spd
Bold nature (+Def, -Atk)
-Sleep Talk
-Hidden Power [Grass]

Comments: I love ResTalk Milotic. She takes status like a champ and can just Rest off the Poison she may mave gotten from an LRcanine or something. Even without Marval Scale activated, she takes hits like a champ. She counters the Fire-types take may destroy me, like LO Moltres, and she can hit them back with STAB Surf. If Uxie is gone, she is the one who will have to take on random EQs and Close Combats.

Moveset: Rest and Sleep talk on a ResTalk Milotic is needed. They ensure that while Milotic is sleeping, she wont be completely (unless pitted against Toxicroak :[ ). Surf is for STAB and it counters Fire-types. HP Grass is for other water types like Feraligatr that may stat up in my face. It also hits Omastar and Kabutops for 4x damage, and gives me a better way to deal with SubPunch Azumarill.

EVs / Nature: Max HP is nice for taking special and physical hits. I have 56 EVs in Speed to outspeed Adamant Torterra if need be, and also the more slower forms of Blaziken. The rest 200 go into Defense to help take hits better. Bold helps me take those random fighting and ground moves better.

Registeel @ Leftovers
Ability: Clear Body
EVs: 252 HP/40 Atk/216 SDef
Careful nature (+SDef, -SAtk)
-Iron Head
-Sleep Talk

Comments: Yeah, just like my Milotic in my last rmt, Curse Registeel is coming back again because it's a beast. I can switch into sleep moves and Curse up in my sleep. Registeel is my main counter to Roserade, Mismagius, and Yanmega, and it does a good job too. Even an unboosted Iron Head does respectable damage to all 3, while all the can do is spam weak Hidden Powers at me. Can also help against stall if it's the last pokemon.

Moveset: Any Cro- pokemon will need Rest, Sleep Talk, and a boosting move, in this case, Curse. Rest improves my durability and will restore any damage I sustained while taking hits while Cursing up. Sleep Talk makes me not so completely useless when Resting, seeing as it can either pick Curse to boost my stats, or choose a possibly boosted Iron Head (or Rest, but whatever).

EVs / Nature: Max HP to take hits better. So much EVs are pumped into Sp. Def because its the stat that I'm not boosting, and it softens special hits by a lot. The leftover EVs are put into Attack to enhance Registeel's Attack stat. Careful boosts my Sp. Def to take those special hits.

Many UU players believe stall is the most successful team type in the UnderUsed tier. It was quite common to see UU stall dominate the Smogon Tour during its eight season. However, offensive UU teams are often built better than UU stall teams and have more winning potential. The basic premise of team UU Balance is to get Stealth Rock out as early as possible then use powerful sweepers and Stealth Rock damage to defeat the opponent. Often the combination of powerful sweepers and residual damage proves to be too much for even the most defensive of UU teams, a testament to the true power of UU offense. CTI also has two defensive tanks at his disposal to take hits whenever necessary, allowing him to calculate the best time for his offensive powerhouses to strike.

Perhaps the most reliable supporting lead in UU is Uxie, which CTI leads off with. With its natural bulk, Uxie is a prime candidate to be to both set up Stealth Rock and cripple an opposing lead with Thunder Wave. The only leads that Uxie fails against are Ambipom (inability to get SR up immediately due to Taunt), Electrode (same reason as Ambipom), and Yanmega (KOd by Bug Buzz). Perhaps the advantage of an Uxie lead is the ability to U-turn to any team member, allowing CTI to both scout the opposition and himself in a favorable match-up. As shown, Uxie is almost guaranteed to put momentum in CTI's favor.

At the core of CTI's physical onslaught are Absol and Blaziken. Absol was used over Honchkrow because this team was created before the nominated suspects were tiered in UU. Nevertheless, Absol is solid replacement, with its base 130 Attack, priority move, and similar moveset. At first glance, it seems odd that CTI utilizes three Dark attacks on his Absol. However upon closer inspection, each move is quite important to his success. Sucker Punch allows CTI to punish faster sweepers, such as Mismagius and Roserade. Night Slash is a solid STAB attack that works well with the Super Luck ability, increasing the likelihood of a critical hit. Pursuit is perhaps the most important move, being able to nail a switching Chansey for approximately 70%. Superpower is for coverage on Steel-types who otherwise wall this set.

If Absol fails to complete its job, Blaziken can usually clean-up. Since Blaziken runs a mixed set, it is considered one of the premier wall-breakers of UU. Fire Blast and Superpower are both powerful STAB attacks that dent both sides of the defensive spectrum, hitting things like Spiritomb and Chansey hard. Hidden Power Grass is for Milotic and Slowbro, basically bulky waters that believe they can wall Blaziken. Perhaps the most interesting choice on CTI's Blaziken set is Stone Edge in the last slot. Normally, Vacuum Wave is used in the last slot as a priority move, however CTI would rather nail Altaria for super effective damage.

Perhaps the reason for no Vacuum Wave on Blaziken is CTI's Scarf Roserade, fulfilling his necessary revenge-killing needs. One of the biggest benefits of this slot is Roserade's ability to remove Toxic Spikes from the field. Although rare in UU because of the abundance of grounded Poison-types, CTI's team is quite heavily affected by Toxic Spikes. With the ability to outspeed Modest Omastar in the rain, as well as Adamant Rock Polish Torterra, Roserade provides a solid safe check to certain threats that CTI would normally have trouble with. The moveset is quite basic: Leaf Storm is the most powerful attack in Roserade's arsenal, HP Ice / Sludge Bomb are for coverage purposes, and Rest allows Roserade to regain its health and continue to support the team thanks to its Natural Cure ability.

CTI's defensive core consists of Milotic and Registeel. Milotic is not your typical Recover variant, but a RestTalk variant that takes status and abuses its Marvel Scale ability. Surf and Hidden Power Grass allow Milotic to take on the likes of Moltres and Azumarill, who would also trouble CTI's current team. Registeel, similar to Milotic, is also a RestTalk variant. First thoughts would be that this is redundant, as Milotic can take status ailments just fine. However, the differentiation between the two Pokemon is in the stat-boosting move Curse. Often, CTI's offensive core has eliminated Fighting-type Pokemon from the game, most likely with Blaziken. This allows Registeel to shine, being able to Curse up on the majority of UU physical threats. In addition to being a winning condition in itself, Registeel provides the necessary Steel-type on this team, taking random hits from various special attackers such as Specs Bug Buzzes from Yanmega.

As successful as CTI's team is, it does have some gaping weaknesses that he often plays around. Perhaps the largest is Taunt / Swords Dance Drapion. After a Swords Dance, not much can stop it. Milotic can indeed take a hit after a Swords Dance, but cannot do much back, as Surf does negligible damage. The only true way to play around it is to paralyze it with Uxie, and then kill with Blaziken / Absol. Similarly, Absol can give this team troubles if it Swords Dances, as it can potentially defeat Milotic if it takes even 10% prior damage. In a similar manner to Drapion, CTI must paralyze Absol with Uxie and hope Blaziken can revenge-kill, thanks to its resistance to Sucker Punch.

Overall, this is an excellent team showcasing the power of a solid offense and a reliable defense. Although the team is geared more toward offensive play, it just goes to show that the best offense is a great defense.

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