Active and Recent Tournaments

By Kevin Garrett.
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It has been an active two months in tournaments. Before you get up to speed on active tournaments, two people have emerged victorious in tournaments from the previous issue of the Smog. In the Tournament of Thieves, where participants search the Rate My Team forum for teams that fit into the different theme of each round, it came down to ReyScarface and Lady Bug. The theme for the final round was in the same format as the Smogon Tour; the finalists would select a team for OU, UU, and Ubers. ReyScarface defeated Lady Bug in consecutive games (UU and OU).

The other tournament to finish from the previous issue was the Platinum Battle Frontier. This tournament emulated like the rules of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier by having a different set of terms the participants would battle on each round. After a tournament full of surprises, the final match came down to reachzero and SoT in a standard battle for the championship. SoT rose to the occasion and won his first tournament title, leaving reachzero's quest for a third tournament win unfulfilled.

After the last issue of the Smog, Smogon saw the return of one of last year's most popular tournaments. Team Trials II, hosted by myself, picked up where the original tournament left off, with a few new ingredients to the recipe. Teams were now allowed to shuffle their roster's tiers at the beginning of each round. This made finding a competitive roster interesting because there is the added element of depth to each team. 32 teams and 96 players squared off to compete for the title. Two teams stood out from the rest of the pack by winning every single game leading up to the semi-finals. Team Allegro Forte Fellatio and Team Ganna Win squared off in the finals, where Ganna Win didn't live up to their name. Eo Ut Mortus, Earthworm, and jrrrrrrr of Allegro Forte Fellatio now hold the title going into next year's tournament.

There have been several other innovative ideas in tournaments over the past two months. One such tournament was the Type Reduction Tournament, hosted by Fuzznip. Each round in the Type Reduction slashed the number of Pokémon participants could use by eliminating certain types from competition. The first round had no ban list, allowing players to use any standard Pokémon. The second round eliminated Water-types from the competition, followed by Normal-types in the third round. Starting in fourth round, Fuzznip added multiple types to the ban list. When it was all said and done, the following type were banned: Water Normal, Flying, Psychic, Fighting Fire, Grass, and Ground. This left the finalists, Earthworm and Bad Ass, with just over 50 fully evolved Pokémon to work with. Earthworm walked away with another trophy and got even with Bad Ass for eliminating him in the semi-finals of Pass the Trash.

Batpig and Shiv are hosting a double elimination RBY tournament called Back to Basics on Netbattle Supremacy. The 64 participants are a good mix of oldschool veterans and newcomers to the first generation. The first two rounds were rather longer and full of battles in need of decisions. For the third round, Shiv gathered all 36 remaining players into a single bracket and scrapped the concept of the loser's bracket. This tournament is currently in the fourth round. With most of the newcomers out of the way, it looks like the title could go to anyone.

Be sure to read about all the upcoming tournament news in the next issue. The annual Wyoming Tournament will be among the many other original tournaments covered.

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