Type Analysis - Fighting

By Seven Deadly Sins. Art provided by Cyzir Visheen.
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Fighting Pokemon

Ever since GSC removed the pure dominance of Psychic-types with the introduction of the Dark-type, as well as Snorlax and Blissey, Fighting emerged as one of the eminent offensive typings in the game. Nearly every competitive fighting-type in the game sports extremely high Attack and a varied movepool, and Diamond / Pearl has just bolstered its position as one of the best typings in the game. The Physical / Special Split means that the majority of Fighting-types have access to the incredibly useful now-physical elemental punches, and the fact that most Fighting-types have access to the extremely powerful Close Combat means that Fighting is a force to be reckoned with.

Fighting on the Offensive – OU

When you think of notorious Fighting-types in OU, one name leaps to mind: Lucario. Its Steel / Fighting-type allows it to set up with ease on a great deal of Choiced attackers, notably Tyranitar, and it packs Swords Dance, which allows it to punch holes in most teams with ease. Its base 90 Speed is above-average, and it packs ExtremeSpeed to deal with anything faster than it. Furthermore, between Crunch, Stone Edge, and Ice Punch, it's got a coverage move for any occasion. It also has the power to hit hard on the special side, packing the powerful Aura Sphere attack as well as a solid secondary special movepool.

Infernape is in the same vein as Lucario. While its lack of useful resistances makes it harder to set up, it can set up on either side with Swords Dance or Nasty Plot, though the latter is often more effective. And for good reason, too: STAB Close Combat ensures Blissey won't be walling Nasty Plot Infernape any time soon. Its excellent movepool allows it to run special sets, physical sets, lead sets, and basically anything under the sun effectively.

Of lesser note are Breloom and Heracross. Breloom utilizes its signature move, Spore, along with its signature ability, Poison Heal, to put stuff to sleep, throw up a Substitute, and then hit things with its unbelievably powerful STAB Focus Punch. Heracross, on the other hand, uses its Bug typing combined with STAB Megahorn to terrorize the Psychic-types that wall Fighters. However, with Cresselia usage on the decline, Heracross has generally fallen out of favor due to its middling speed.

Fighting on the Defensive – OU

In OU, one defensive Fighting-type stands out above all the rest: Machamp. Of course, it could fall into the offensive side too, but really, Machamp finds its home on the defensive. Its speed is a terrible base 55, but it packs excellent 90 / 80 / 85 base Defenses, which make it more than capable of taking hits from formidable opponents. It also happens to be the best Tyranitar counter in the game, being able to switch in on its attacks with impunity and fire off devastating DynamicPunches. Machamp's No Guard ability also allows it to have 100% accuracy and 100% Confusion with DynamicPunch, as well as being the only Pokemon with 100% accuracy on Stone Edge, helping it counter Gyarados more effectively.

Fighting on the Offensive – UU

UU has a lot of efficient offensive Fighting-types at its disposal. On the more offensive side, there is Medicham, whose Pure Power ability gives it an unmatched amount of power in the tier, packing up to 480 attack with an Adamant nature. Hitmonlee's 120 base Attack hits like a truck when paired with Close Combat, and its base 87 speed lets it outpace a couple key opponents. It also packs a powerful Mach Punch to provide priority for a team. Toxicroak may not be as offensively efficient as other Fighting-types, but its typing combined with its ability, Dry Skin, affords it a number of interesting options. 106 / 86 offensive stats may not be top-of-the-line, but Toxicroak packs both Swords Dance and Nasty Plot to boost these stats. Blaziken's dual STAB and solid attacking stats allow it to wallbreak or sweep equally effectively, and Blaziken is a top threat in UU for this reason. Finally, offensive variants of Hitmontop sporting the Technician ability can easily pick off opponents with Technician-boosted Fake Out, Mach Punch, Bullet Punch, Pursuit, or other moves.

Fighting on the Defensive – UU

Defensive Fighting-types are just as sparse in UU as they are in OU. Hariyama is defensively nearly interchangeable with Machamp, though its Thick Fat ability grants an extra pair of extremely useful resistances in UU. Packing resistances to five different top attacking types (Bug, Dark, Rock, Fire, Ice), and having only two mediocre weaknesses (Psychic, Flying), Hariyama is a solid defender in UU. Hitmontop is also effective, as 50 / 95 / 110 defenses combined with the Intimidate ability allow it to wall many attackers both on the physical and special sides. Finally, Poliwrath is available, as its Water / Fighting typing and 90 / 95 / 90 defenses are solid, but its mediocre movepool and low offensive stats make it an inferior choice most of the time.

Notable Fighting-Type Moves


Close Combat – 120 Base Power – 100% Accuracy – Decreases User's Defense and Special Defense 1 Stage

THE KING. Close Combat is DPPt's gift to Fighting-types, and it is good. Reliable STAB with 100% accuracy and a monstrous 120 power makes Close Combat one of the best moves in the entire game.

Cross Chop – 100 Base Power – 80% Accuracy – Increased Critical Hit Rate

Before there was Stone Edge, there was Cross Chop. It's got solid power, but its 80% accuracy makes it an unappealing choice much of the time. However, there are some Pokemon, such as Toxicroak and Hariyama, that either don't have Close Combat or have traits that make Close Combat an unappealing option, so Cross Chop is the next best thing.

Hi Jump Kick – 100 Base Power – 90% Accuracy – User receives 1/2 Recoil on miss

Unreliable though it may be, Hi Jump Kick is Medicham's strongest move; backed by 480 Attack, it packs quite a punch. Just keep it away from Ghost-types.

Mach Punch – 40 Base Power – 100% Accuracy – Always goes first

Mach Punch is the Fighting-type physical priority move, and while its distribution may be mediocre, it's still quite useful for many Fighting-types. Hitmontop uses it especially well due to STAB and the Technician ability.

Focus Punch – 150 Base Power – 100% Accuracy – Goes last. User flinches if hit

Focus Punch is the ultimate high-risk / high-reward move. Boasting a monstrous base 150 power, Focus Punch can only be used when the opposing Pokemon does not hit the user. Use it to hit opponents on the switch, hit Pokemon using support moves, or use it in tandem with Substitute to block incoming damage in order to Focus Punch unhindered.

Brick Break – 75 Base Power – 100% Accuracy – Removes Light Screen and Reflect when used

If it's got arms, chances are it's got Brick Break. While 75 Base Power isn't especially great, its coverage and side effect are pretty cool, and its distribution is top-notch.

Superpower – 120 Base Power – 100% Accuracy – Decreases User's Attack and Defense 1 Stage

Before there was Close Combat, there was Superpower. An unappealing move due to the fact that it gets weaker every time it is used, but the fact that it is available as a move tutor to many Pokemon that need it (read: Blaziken, Honchkrow, etc), it's still a solid choice.

Reversal – ?? Base Power – 100% Accuracy – Power increases as Pokemon loses HP

Reversal provides solid power when fully powered up, being the strongest non-explosion move in the entire game. That said, its users are extremely vulnerable to priority, damaging weather, Focus Sash users, anything resistant to the move, and anything faster. Still, Reversal can be used by a few notable Pokemon, such as Scyther and Yanmega, to surprise their normal counters.

Force Palm – 60 Base Power – 100% Accuracy – 30% Chance to inflict Paralysis

Hariyama's signature move, this is the Fighting-type Body Slam. What it lacks in power, it makes up for in support, spreading paralysis with ease.

DynamicPunch – 100 Base Power – 50% Accuracy – 100% Chance to inflict Confusion

Machamp's primary claim to fame, DynamicPunch goes from gimmicky attack with terrible accuracy to lunacy-inducing power when backed by No Guard. DynamicPunch is why Machamp's counters are never guaranteed, and it's a great attack. Just don't use it on anything other than Machamp.


Aura Sphere – 90 Base Power – —% Accuracy – Never misses

Terrible distribution, but a fantastic move Lucario usually doesn't use this move due to the power of its Swords Dance set, but Togekiss can use it to ward off Tyranitar very effectively, and many Ubers use it to ward off Tyranitar and Dialga effectively.

Focus Blast – 120 Base Power – 70% Accuracy – 10% Chance to lower Special Defense 1 Stage

A terrible move, and if it wasn't for its typing and Tyranitar's existence, it would never see use. That said, it's instrumental in making Gengar, Alakazam, and other Ghost or Psychic-types not just instant Tyranitar bait.

Vacuum Wave – 40 Base Power – 100% Accuracy – Always goes first

Vacuum Wave is the only special priority attack, and it's a solid move on most Pokemon that get it. Pokemon such as Blaziken and Toxicroak can use it to outpace normally faster opponents effectively.


Seismic Toss – 100% Accuracy – Deals damage equal to the Pokemon's level

This move is technically Fighting-type, so it goes here. Stick Seismic Toss on stuff like Blissey and Hypno that has trouble actually hurting things with its attacks, and Seismic Toss will provide a reliable 100 damage every time.

Counter – 100% Accuracy – Deals damage equal to 2x physical damage taken

Counter is good for those Pokemon that can't help but attract a good hard slug in the face, like Lucario, Weavile, or Gengar. CounterSash is an underappreciated lead strategy, but one that can provide devastating effects with good prediction.

Bulk Up – —% Accuracy – Raises user's Attack and Defense 1 Stage

Curse without the drawbacks, Bulk Up is a fantastic move hampered by mediocre distribution. Still, many Pokemon can make use of it effectively, such as Breloom, some Machamp, and the rare Bulk Up Medicham.


Fighting has always been the epitome of power, and Fighting Pokemon are not to be trifled with. With their monstrous attack, DP's now physical elemental punches, and a multitude of enemies for stars like Machamp and Lucario to prey upon, Fighting-type Pokemon are never to be underestimated.

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