Written by Zystral, with some help from Level 51, Cereza, sandshrewz, and skylight. Art by Bummer.
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Well, I must say, Level 51 and Cereza have kept the lab awfully tidy. Perhaps I might consider keeping them on as regulars. Oh, sorry, I'm sure you were all wondering where I was. Our lovable tyrant Birkal arranged for my untimely execution in an attempt to overthrow The Smog's hierarchy and take control. I'm sad to say it worked. Alack, I've returned, and soon, will undo the corruption this fiend has caused our homely little Trivia article. In any case, I see my stand-ins have been very competent. Don't worry, I'll make sure you guys see them again soon. Less work for me, after all... Answers? I got 'em, just like always.

  1. Besides Pokémon Bank, name a piece of extra in-game content which cost money to use and gave access to exclusive content.
    Pokémon Dream Radar
  2. Name a Pokémon whose base happiness value is equal to its base catch rate.
  3. How many smashable walls exist within XY?
    5. 2 at the Lost Hotel, 3 at the Victory Road.
  4. What is the only existing type + ability combination that can create a triple resistance to a Pokémon type?
    Ice / Water + Thick Fat
  5. In how many different areas in XY can you ride Pokémon during the game?
    6—Skiddo Ranch, Lumiose City, Vaniville Town, Route 9 (Spikes Passage), Route 17 (Mamoswine Road), Surfing on Lapras.
  6. Which Pokémon can participate in a sky battle despite not being a Flying-type nor having the ability Levitate?
    Mega Charizard X, Mega Gyarados
  7. Name all the items that can affect the breeding process.
    Destiny Knot, Everstone, Power Items, Oval Charm, Shiny Charm, Light Ball, Sea Incense, Wave Incense, Lax Incense, Rose Incense, Pure Incense, Rock Incense, Odd Incense, Luck Incense, and Full Incense.
  8. Of all the new Trainer classes (not including Battle Chateau classes), which one appears the most in XY?
    Team Flare Grunt
  9. Which Pokémon makes the most appearances in the overworld in XY?
    Skiddo—as if having a ranch to themselves isn't enough, they're all over Lumiose City too!
  10. Of all the egg groups named after types, which one excludes the most number of Pokémon with that typing and how many such Pokémon does it exclude?
    (Combine Water 1, Water 2 and Water 3 and treat them as a single egg group.The Flying egg group—it excludes 45 Flying-type Pokémon (43 if you don't include Shaymin-S and Mega Pinsir).

So now that you've all digested the intelligence that Level 51 and Cereza were able to dish out, I thought we'd do something a bit more exciting for my return. Also, congratulations to AOPSUser for winning with a remarkable 8/10 score.

What else but a scavenger hunt? Genius, no? The idea is simple; I'll give you a clue, and somewhere scattered on Smogon's various articles and pages are further questions and clues. The answers will be pages on Smogon, so you shouldn't get lost. I've even enlisted the help from those who were still part of the "Zystral Resistance," a.k.a. "La ReZyStance"; sandshrewz and skylight.

And most importantly, everyone that gets the right answer and sends them in will get the prize. Let's get the dice rolling. Find a Smog article.

Have fun!

~Zystral, sandshrewz, and skylight

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