Vivillon Hunting Guide: A 2013 Best-Seller

By skylight. Art by elcheeso.
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Within Kalos there are many different species of Pokémon. Some look strangely familiar to keys, some look like they belong in a haunted house, while some are a little more... elegant.

Vivillon is a unique Pokémon in many ways. For one, it's a Bug / Flying type moth! How rare is that? Super rare, I'm telling you, and I've been to Kanto even! I first discovered Vivillon on one of my Heracronite searches in Santalune Forest. More specifically, I discovered its pre-evolution: Scatterbug. Never had I seen such a perfect mess. Parts of Scatterbug had scattered all over my clothes, but I didn't care; I was in love! I had to have it. After catching it I immediately had to evolve it, to see what I would end up with. A beautiful moth emerged from its second evolution, Spewpa: Vivillon. Its stunning yellow and blue design reminded me of the nearby river at sunset; it was a wonderful feeling.

I immediately went to show my friends about Vivillon! I mean, nobody else had discovered it yet, right? Unfortunately, I was wrong. All my friends had a Vivillon, but there was something very unique about it. Their Vivillon were differently coloured to mine! Jealous, I had to go catch more Scatterbug to see if I could get patterns like they did. This was to no avail, as I ended up having just the same old pattern. When I went back to tell my friends how disappointed I was, they mentioned something interesting: their Vivillon had the same pattern each time they caught them, too! Apparently we were the first people in the region that actually compared their Vivillon.

The news spread further than just the region; it spread throughout the world! Different Vivillon patterns were being reported, and trainers were trying to figure out this mystery. While we still haven't quite figured out what makes each Vivillon appear different to different trainers (even though they are in the exact same forest), I have figured out a "guide" to hunting them.

Now, so that you can get your $9.99 worth, below are my discoveries in regards to this special Pokémon.

Archipelago Forme

This forme of Vivillon loves when people... come together in a sense. Archipelago Vivillon come from intertwined islands, and people that come together remind them of their islands joining together. So basically any group of people would please this forme of Vivillon. That isn't the only thing, though! This forme is most likely to appear to people in relationships, as they're the sort of people that pretty much stick together. Due to this, there is a special day this Vivillon appears most on... yes, you guessed it! Easter Sunday. But seriously, no; they appear most on Valentines Day. Trainers that give their partners something extra special are more likely to get something extra special in Santalune forest: a new best friend.

Continental Forme

The continental forme of Vivillon has a complicated history. This forme of Vivillon apparently grew bored of Kalos years ago. It made the decision to leave the other formes of Vivillon and to explore the world. The other regions were pretty stagnant— nothing had really changed in years, and suddenly... a brand new Pokémon suddenly migrating to their region! After a few years it was said to represent those in Kanto, then those in Johto, then those in Hoenn... and, well, you get the picture. It was so favored that it became the mascot of each region pretty much for a few years! However, the leading authorities of each region weren't really that happy that a Pokémon from their own region wasn't considered the mascot by the people; so conveniently, Vivillon was wiped out of history (including Kalos, so nobody could "remember"). Anyone who mentioned it whited out, basically. Due to this, the continental forme of Vivillon is generally attracted to those who have seen more than just Kalos.

Elegant Forme

The Elegant forme of Vivillon is a little too common for my liking. Within the GTS, many trainers are trying to palm off their Vivillon for rarer Vivillon, but nobody seems to care because it's way too easy to get this forme. There's actually a really good reason for this (which I have actually proven!) The Scatterbug that evolve into Elegant forme Vivillon were shipped directly from Parfum Palace. While the owner might seem like he's always busy finding his Furfou, this is just a cover. In reality, he is just covering for his underground Vivillon breeding business, hoping to find a shiny Vivillon to trade for a pedigree Furfou, which he can then breed into the perfect Furfou. We don't know what he aims to do with this Furfou; however, we do know that due to the exposure to all the finer things in life, these Scatterbug turn out to be quite elegant, and often are high maintenance, resulting in many trainers giving them up for something a little easier to look after.

Garden Forme

Parterre Way is a popular route in Kalos. It attracts all kinds of wild Pokémon: Flabebe, Ledyba... and Vivillon, but not in a traditional sense. Vivillon remains in Santalune Forest; however, the ancestors of these Vivillon in particular spent a lot of time in the garden on Parterre Way. These Vivillon recognise trainers that have spent time in the garden (and maze) and reward them by appearing. That isn't the only way to make them appear, though, as if the trainer is seen to appreciate nature (and tends for Berries and so on), then the Vivillon will appear to a trainer and offer them a Berry (although that is rare and only those who have mastered an "AR" can achieve this (don't worry, I have no clue what that is either!)).

High Plains Forme

These Vivillon generally spend a lot of their time up on top of mountains and plains (pretty much what gave them their name!) The reason is that often Honey is found up towards the top of plains in Kalos, and these Vivillon's diet consists mostly of Honey. For this reason, these Vivillon are attracted to sweet trainers, Pokémon that use Sweet Scent, and trainers that have recently had Honey. There is also another thing that attracts this forme of Vivillon: Soul Dew! Vivillon also like to suckle on dew, especially Soul Dew (which is why there's no Soul Dew in Kalos for Latios or Latias to abuse).

Icy Snow Forme

This forme was apparently discovered by Gym Leader Wulfric when he journeyed to Santalune Forest to try to find a new Snover. For some reason, he thought that just because there were lots of bugs there, Snover would somehow be attracted to a dark forest instead of I don't know... the snow? These Vivillon apparently love the snow, despite being weak to it, and trainers that train in the ice generally have snow over their jackets, which makes Vivillon feel all warm and fuzzy (despite the fact that the trainers are freezing cold, but who am I to question Vivillon logic?)

Jungle Forme

The jungle forme is quite average—generally those who see the jungle forme are those who... visit the jungle often enough (I dunno how it works, but to Vivillon, the forest is its jungle). As far as I can tell, it doesn't really have an interesting back-story unlike the others. However! Perhaps the secret to this Vivillon is hidden in the jungle? Guess you've just got to find out.

Marine Forme

The marine forme of Vivillon is attracted to the ocean! Unlike the ocean forme of Vivillon, the marine forme lives to fly further than the ocean stretches, and to grace the sea Pokémon with its beauty. Other than that, it's obsessed with luxury liners! Trainers who often use luxury liners from any sort of region are pretty much what this Vivillon is attracted to. This forme of Vivillon often longs to escape the forest it lives in and find the classiest boats in the world to sit upon. What a noble desire, too bad it's never going to happen because it's pretty much a moth and they don't mix with boats; oh well!

Meadow Forme

The Meadow forme is what the media is using to advertise Vivillon. I've heard reports that these Vivillon have migrated from the meadow near the Day Care Center. This forme was the first forme discovered, and while it wasn't said how exactly it was discovered, I heard that those who bred their Pokémon often (and sometimes even with their Pokémon—hey, I won't judge—I mean, my Furfou has a beautiful coat...) had discovered Vivillon when they went back to Santalune Forest to catch more Pokémon to breed. If my theory is correct, these Vivillon could have motherly instincts, and therefore appear to trainers (or Pokémon) that have a sort of glow. It could also be the fact that this Vivillon likes to eat Pokémon Eggs, and scavenge on the ones trainers refuse, but chances are that Vivillon is too weak to even break the shell.

Modern Forme

Have you ever heard of a Pokémon that likes to watch TV shows? Likes to have the most up to date technology? Good, because there isn't one; however, there is a Vivillon forme that has been influenced by modern technology: the modern forme of Vivillon. Its design or personality hasn't really been affected by technology, but rather, this forme is attracted to those who use technology often. The link between technology and this Vivillon hasn't really been established yet, but I have heard that some scientists are researching it in Hoenn.

Monsoon Forme

This is the forme of Vivillon that is most likely to have Compound Eyes, simply because these Vivillon have had a lot of time to practice their Hurricane attack. They're generally attracted to wind and trainers with Flying-type Pokémon. Due to their love of wind, they're generally found high up in Santalune Forest!

Ocean Forme

The ocean forme of Vivillon is generally regarded to be the most favoured Vivillon forme. Its design is kind of like a painting... and that's pretty much because this Vivillon wasn't "natural." A famous Kalos painter apparently painted this design with the help of his Vivillon. The painter was also a fan of Neopets and used his novelty magical brush to finish the painting, which, as you can tell, was a totally great idea. Turns out it back-fired, and when Vivillon flew over to put on the finishing touches, the design transferred onto it. When it bred with other Vivillon, the design stuck. Too bad Kalos is full of painters, so we'll never know who really designed it! Oh, and as to how to find it? Follow your heart.

Polar Forme

This forme of Vivillon is extra special, as it is most likely to come out only once a year... and on one special night. This is the Vivillon that is most attracted to, well, everything about Christmas. Any children who have written lists for Santa, any trainers who have built a snowman out of snow, or even stayed up all night just to see Santa, are basically guaranteed to see this forme. Unfortunately, it does get a little carried away in the hype, so anything green that looks like an elf, or anything jolly (including a Jolly Aromatisse) excites this Vivillon and cause it to appear a lot!

River Forme

Many trainers have reported that soon after fishing, they have encountered the river forme of Scatterbug. I theorize that the Scatterbug actually enjoys the smell of fish, as it reminds them of their home, and when they evolve into Vivillon they pay homage to what brought the trainer and the Vivillon together: fish! However, there is a hidden clause here. Only trainers who have chain fished a shiny Pokémon seem to encounter this Scatterbug, as the river they used to fly around had plentiful shiny Clauncher. Many of these have befriended shiny Clauncher, and when they can sense that someone specifically had found a shiny Clauncher (or Skrelp, depending on where in the world they are), they tend to be quite Modest, or Timid, around the trainer in question.

Sandstorm Forme

This forme is usually found when trainers have spent what Vivillon deems as "long enough in the desert." The unfortunate news is that this forme of Vivillon is extremely rare, as Vivillon often doesn't find trainers that have spent long enough in the desert. Most trainers that try to fulfil the desires of these Vivillon end up being chased back to Lumiose, as they're generally too weak to face Team Flare. While this forme does have unrealistic goals for its future trainers, it can guarantee that its trainer is strong, and can handle the tough weather. In other words, it's almost impossible, so don't even bother; just get one from your friend who was dumb enough to fulfil this ridiculous request.

Savanna Forme

This forme of Vivillon is attracted to people who show inner strength. It can be through either overcoming adversity, or just showing courage in a really hard battle. You know the kind of battle where you're facing Charizard-X and the only Pokémon you have left is a Gogoat? The kind of battle where you put everything on the line even if your Pokémon basically have no chance whatsoever unless they wield a Choice Scarf. Yeah. That's what Vivillon wants to see in trainers. Pretty much if trainers have the eye of the tiger, or like lions, or use Roar a lot (which is ironic given that Roaring away their opponents isn't showing courage, it's just putting the issue aside, but Vivillon is a Pokémon so generally it doesn't think anything through that much).

Sun Forme

The sun forme is a unique Vivillon forme. Generally it's seen as the most prestigious Vivillon forme due to its connections to Volcarona. It came into being when the sun itself, Volcarona, danced a Fiery Dance around Kalos. Although Volcarona destroyed half of Kalos, it gave birth to this rare forme of Vivillon. I don't entirely understand how Vivillon was created from Volcarona, but it's certainly the most ancient forme of Vivillon discovered. If this is the case, it would mean that all other Vivillon formes are simply mutated from this forme of Vivillon. It could be the reason why Vivillon can use Powder: a move that explodes on anything that attempts to use a Fire-type attack on it, as a defence mechanism given to it from Volcarona. As for how it's found, generally, trainers that have spent a lot of time in the sun before entering Santalune Forest are graced with this beautiful Vivillon forme. Or alternatively, Volcarona, I guess, as there is evidence that trainers who have spent a lot of time with Volcarona are more likely to catch a glimpse of this Vivillon. Time can only tell whether this Vivillon will appear to others, or whether it will continue to only appear to those "worthy" of witnessing it.

Tundra Forme

This forme of Vivillon is fascinated by ice skating. Trainers that show prowess in ice skating often attract this forme, as Vivillon wishes to follow them back to the ice rink. The unfortunate news is that if Vivillon touched the ice, it would pretty much stick to it, so that blows any chance it would have of ice skating. Like other formes of Vivillon, obstacles don't really prevent a Vivillon from wanting to live its dream. It isn't just professional ice skaters that this forme is interested in, either, as it generally has an interest in those who have solved ice puzzles in various regions. To Vivillon that's pretty much like having a lot of badges—so as long as you've done that, you're in!

Now all you need to do is add up your score and then work out which hot and heavy hiker you're most compatible with ... my apologies—this is a Vivillon hunting guide, not my other dating advice guide—well, now this is awkward. Anyway, so that I don't get sued: This guide isn't 100% accurate, but it's accurate enough that it might be true if you read it long enough. Also, Vivillon totally can be found in Santalune; you just gotta believe in the heart of the cards... I mean, gotta catch 'em all. And that's me out!

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