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Hello, readers, and welcome back to yet another round of Trivia! If you recall, last issue I challenged readers to submit their own Trivia questions. Despite the somewhat lukewarm response, I'm pleased to present you with this wonderful set of Trivia from the users, for the users! As you go through this set of mind-numbing questions, keep in mind Fishaman P, who wrote questions 1-4, The Avalanches, who wrote questions 5-7, and Knuckstrike, who wrote questions 8-10. These three users can also collect a custom title from an admin of their choice as their prize!

  1. Name a move which originated in Generation I and has changed with each new generation. These changes can be anything you like—Base Power, type, mechanics, though a change constituted solely by an interaction with a newly-introduced ability or move does not count.
  2. Which type is represented by the fewest non-attacking moves?
  3. Adding together the total Base Power for every move of each type, which type has the highest total Base Power? (If a move has variable power, like Reversal, assume max power.)
  4. Excluding Smeargle and Mew, which Pokémon has the largest learnset?
  5. Name all the Pokémon who have had more than one unique ability, though not necessarily at the same time.
  6. Which is the only Pokémon with a Base Stat Total equal to its National Pokédex number?
  7. Which is the only Gen VI Pokémon to have 800,000 experience points at level 100?
  8. Including Mega formes, which Pokémon has the biggest difference between its base Special Attack and base Attack stats?
  9. Name a move that, between generations, switched from physical to special at least two times.
  10. Excluding Mega formes, which is the only Pokémon whose name includes all the letters of 'Smogon'?

As always, send your answers in a PM entitled "Issue 34 Trivia" to The Smog. Good luck, and don't forget to have fun hunting down and forcing the answers out of the three users!

~Level 51

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