Pokémon You Should Use in OU and Why

By Reverb. Art by Andrew.
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OU is by far the most popular metagame. The majority of Smogon's intellectual resources goes into analyzing the tier. Hence, one would think that its tier list would accurately reflect the metagame's most viable Pokémon. Of course, one would be wrong to infer as much. As it currently stands, there is an abundance of Pokémon that deserve the distinction of an OU tiering. This article seeks to illuminate said Pokémon in the hope that readers will utilize these potentially deadly Pokémon on their OU teams.

Hippowdon: The Great Wall

Back in DPP, the only physical move able to OHKO all Hippowdon sets was Explosion from a high-Attack Pokémon. While this is no longer the case due to the power creep of the past two generations, Hippowdon is nonetheless a potent wall. With access to Stealth Rock, Whirlwind, Slack Off, and Toxic, this great beast is an excellent utility Pokémon. Moreover, with 108 / 118 / 72 defenses, it is a durable physical wall and special tank.

The Toxic set is particularly powerful. Hippowdon invests heavily in Special Defense in order to stall out powerful special attackers like Latios (although the Surf set can pose a threat). Sand Stream, Hippowdon's signature ability, nullifies the opponent's Leftovers recovery, allowing Toxic to quickly take its toll. Toxic can be substituted for a number of moves, including Whirlwind. It all depends on the particular role one needs Hippowdon to fill. If one prefers a more traditional set, they can always run maximum Defense; such a set is great late-game, as it is capable of stalling out many of the metagame's deadliest physical attackers.

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Amoonguss: The Fungus that Keeps Coming Back

At first glance, Amoonguss may strike one as an inferior Mega Venusaur. Of course, the rules of the game stipulate that each team may only utilize one Mega Pokémon. Moreover, Amoonguss's signature ability, Regenerator, which heals a third of its HP upon switching, affords it great longevity and insulates it from residual damage. Amoonguss also has access to two excellent moves: Spore and Clear Smog. With Spore, Amoonguss can inflict sleep without fear of missing, and thanks to Clear Smog, Amoonguss can stop setup sweepers. Amoonguss's 114 / 70 / 80 defenses provide it with decent bulk (one should tailor its EV spread to suit the needs of their team).

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Mega Heracross: Too OP for an Exterminator

Flying under the radar is a deadly threat capable of ripping apart teams. With its gargantuan base 185 Attack stat, Mega Heracross is one of the most powerful physical sweepers in the game. Thanks to Skill Link, it will always hit five times with all its multi-hit moves, thus giving them an effective 125 Base Power; thus, they're capable of damaging Pokémon behind Substitute and OHKOing sashed Pokémon. Between Rock Blast, Pin Missile, Close Combat, Earthquake, and Bullet Seed, Mega Heracross can hit most of the metagame for super effective damage.

Its moveset should cater to the specific Pokémon one aims to beat. Swords Dance and Bulk Up are also viable options, as Mega Heracross is more than capable of tanking hits thanks to its fantastic 80 / 115 / 105 defenses. While its base 75 Speed is a drawback, with Sticky Web support, Mega Heracross can handle many threats that would ordinarily have it outsped.

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While a Pokémon's viability and its tier are highly correlated, remember that there are exceptions. Non-OU Pokémon have played pivotal roles on many successful teams. While some merely fill a niche role, others, like the Pokémon highlighted in this article, are useful enough to warrant OU tier status. Furthermore, since they are less common, opponents are less likely to be prepared for these non-OU threats. It is my sincere hope that this article has illuminated previously overlooked Pokémon and will positively impart change on the metagame.

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