A Trivial Announcement

By Level 51. Art by Bummer.
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Greetings, Smogon! Welcome to what is not actually another issue of Trivia. What a shame.

As you may have noticed or guessed, it's becoming increasingly hard to make tough and well-thought-out trivia questions each issue, especially when Bulbapedia, Serebii, and Veekun exist. As a result of this, we're discontinuing Trivia. While we haven't been able to push out the replacement in time for this issue, we are proud to announce that starting Issue #36, we will have a Puzzle Page as a replacement for our Trivia section!

In the meantime, to tide you over, here are the answers to last issue's trivia questions. I must say, it was a particularly tough batch last issue, but xfix managed to triumph over the lot, earning a perfect score! Jolly good show, I must say; as a reward, you can approach any administrator to claim your prize of a custom title.

  1. Name a move which originated in Generation I and has changed with each new generation. These changes can be anything you like—Base Power, type, or mechanics—though a change constituted solely by an interaction with a newly-introduced ability or move does not count.
    Roar and Whirlwind. In Generation I, both moves worked only on wild Pokémon; in Generation II, they also allowed forcing switches in trainer battles and their priority was lowered from 0 to -1; in Generation III, their priority was again lowered to -5; in Generation IV, their priority was lowered to -6; in Generation V, these moves no longer allowed you to escape from wild battles if your Pokémon was at a lower level than the wild Pokémon; finally, in Generation VI, the moves ignore protection moves and accuracy and evasion modifiers. Bind is also technically an answer if you want to be pedantic; in Generations III and IV, however, the only change was the message shown when the target takes damage from Bind.
  2. Which type is represented by the fewest non-attacking moves?
    Dragon—the only non-attacking Dragon-type move is Dragon Dance!
  3. Adding together the total Base Power for every move of each type, which type has the highest total Base Power? (If a move has variable power, like Reversal, assume maximum power.)
    It's no surprise that the Normal type wins in this category, given that there are so many Normal-type moves!
  4. Excluding Smeargle and Mew, which Pokémon has the largest learnset?
    The winner is Arceus; as of Generation VI, its movepool contains 130 moves (or so I'm told)*!
  5. Name all the Pokémon that have had more than one unique ability, though not necessarily at the same time.
    Drifloon and Drifblim both had Unburden in Generation IV before it was cool, and they both currently have Flare Boost, which no other Pokémon species has access to. Meanwhile, the Florges evolution line has two unique abilities, Flower Veil and Symbiosis. Kyurem is also technically an answer, since it has both Teravolt and Turboblaze in its Black and White forms, but I won't hold it against you if you considered them separate Pokémon.
  6. Which is the only Pokémon with a Base Stat Total equal to its National Pokédex number?
    Archeops' Base Stat Total and its National Pokédex number are both 567.
  7. Which is the only Gen VI Pokémon to have 800,000 experience points at Level 100?
    Klefki. And you wondered why there were so many on Battle Spot.
  8. Including Mega formes, which Pokémon has the biggest difference between its base Special Attack and base Attack stats?
    Mega Heracross has a difference of 145 between its mighty base 185 Attack and its puny base 40 Special Attack.
  9. Name a move that, between generations, switched from physical to special at least two times.
    Bite switched from Normal-type in Generation I (physical) to Dark-type in Generation II (special), and then once again became a physical move in Generation IV with the physical-special split.
  10. Excluding Mega formes, which is the only Pokémon whose name includes all the letters of 'Smogon'?
    Amoonguss! I propose our next logo have Amoonguss, Mega Abomasnow, Koffing, and, since we're going German, Monargoras Tyrantrum!

*user: The Immortal ran a script using Pokemon Showdown movepools. Don't try to argue.

Of course, we couldn't possibly leave you without anything to think about until next issue. As a parting gift, here's a quick trivia question!

  1. Name a Pokémon besides Smeargle capable of having a moveset with 256 PP.

Public Service Announcement: the second question has been deleted since there wasn't an answer. My sincere apologies for wasting your life. Stay tuned for the next article, where we will make sure that questions have answers. The custom title will be given to the first person who submits the correct answer to the first question.

~Level 51

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