Interview with reyscarface

Interview and flavor by Oglemi. Art by Bummer.
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As I'm flying back home from my latest interview, I inexplicably get bumped up to first class. "Finally, the respect I deserve," I think to myself as I move to the front of the plane. The stewardess hands me a drink that she claims to be complimentary, but doesn't say why or who it's from. "Sweet," I say, downing it in a couple of gulps.

I awake a few hours later extremely groggy and in a kind of haze. "What the heck was in that drink?" I find the plane to be parked on the runway with no one else on board. I grab my things and stumble off the plane, only to find a limo waiting for me right off the stairs. After an hour-long ride I arrive at a college campus in God knows where, but it seems nice enough, and I fumble out of the limo.

A guide walks up to me from inside one of the buildings and indicates for me to follow her. Inside the building, I find myself in a nice little doctor's kind of office where I'm introduced to my interviewee. I sit down in a nice leather chair and begin the interview.

So, tell me about yourself a bit. Who are you in real life, what do you do for a living, are you in school, etc.

I'm a 19-year-old Mexican currently studying full-time in med school, never had a job before, so I'm a bit of a bum. I love video games, football (soccer, not handegg), and watching singing competitions.

Which singing competitions? This is important.

Shit like The Voice, The X Factor, and sometimes the Got Talent ones but I don't care about the random acts.

What do you aspire to be after med school?

Last year, my long-term goal was to be a neurosurgeon or something else surgery-related, as I find that fascinating, and I feel as if I could do a good job regarding the more technical parts of medicine. Recently though, I have a class with a really great, big-deal psychiatrist who makes the subject incredibly interesting, and I wouldn't leave out the option of going to that branch.

Suddenly, the realization that rey could one day be able to prescribe people pills becomes a reality in my head, and I shudder a bit.

So, what brought you to Smogon?

Back when I was 13-years-old, I used to frequent the Serebii chats for battles and trades. I got banned from the IRC server there because of dumb stuff like THANKS OBAMA, so I started watching Youtube videos in which I saw Marriland mention the "Smogon forums." Then I just played on the ladder, transitioned into tourneys, and the rest is history.

You've been on the forums for a long time, and Smogon has changed a lot in that time. What's changed the most since you first joined to now and do you think it's a good change?

The culture has changed a lot. Smogon used to be way more ruthless. It feels as though it has made a slow but progressive change into a more PG-13 culture, which isn't inherently a bad thing at all, but it's certainly not the cup of tea of a lot of people.

"I'm sure that's been most noticeable in the tournaments forum lol," I think to myself.

You've made some big impressions in the Tournaments scene over the years, including winning the Smogon Frontier. Tell me what that was like, and how was the most current iteration of the Frontier; did it go well?

Winning the Frontier was great because I could finally achieve a trophy win after all those years of trying and getting close. It being the hardest and most exclusive tournament only makes it better. I'm sure Eo still has nightmares about that last second challenge by me whenever he's not having ones about me destroying him in League of Legends.

Regarding hosting Frontier, I feel it went smoothly, and that this year it had a lot more character, as all the Brains were a group of friends and approachable. The main problems we had were participant related, as there was an unprecedented amount of cheaters. That, and a lot of people were complaining about how it was "impossible" to win, even though a couple players got very close to achieving it.

For some reason, an image of rey dangling a green trophy over the heads of the recent participants flashes in my mind.

So, let's talk about SPL a bit. What about SPL do you think makes it a good tournament?

It's a great tournament because, first of all, a manager has full control over what happens to his team. In WCoP, you get your hand dealt before it even starts, and gotta play with that. In SPL, you create the cards, and it makes for some very fun theorycrafting and scouting. It being the biggest team tournament also means that a lot of people get to talk to each other and have fun together, save for certain team cancers that you wouldn't want on your team. It's a great learning experience for all of the people involved, really.

What made you want to be a manager this year instead of playing, despite basically being one last year, and will you miss playing?

I like having the ability to control every aspect of my team. If you decide to play, unless you're retained, you don't have much, if any, control over what happens on your team, as they may already have had their gameplan set and your opinion won't matter. Or, like last year, you end up doing most of the drafting anyways, but your manager still finds a way to screw up very simple instructions and there's nothing you can do about that.

"Thanks for Choice Specs and k12 LN!!!" rey yells to the heavens.

And, I will definitely miss playing, but I think I'll have more fun with the auction than I would playing because we all know Pokémon is a pretty crappy game at times.

How do you feel about the tier lineup this year?

With Mega Rayquaza gone and Ubers in a better state because of that, I can say I like the lineup this year. Even though I'm not a big fan of lower tiers like NU or RU, I can still see why they're appealing, and it makes for a very fun exercise of scouting and finding good players for your team. I used to believe XY OU woulda been better than RBY based on playerbase issues, but I was proven wrong, and there's a huge RBY playerpool to choose from so I'm glad it got in.

Any players we should keep an eye on this year as we watch SPL, any you're excited to see play?

The players that come to mind are Tesung and Lowgock to see if they can keep their incredible recent streak of wins, Ojama's return after a big hiatus, Destiny Device so he can prove his skill and shut the haters up, Colchonero is always a pleasure to spectate, and the possible return of panamaxis. HYPE.

Alright short and sweet, let's end with: What's your favorite Pokémon?

Absol :3

And just like that, I'm escorted out of the building and back into the limo. Luckily, a piña colada is waiting for me in the back, making it all worthwhile.

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