Type Analysis - Fire

By LonelyNess.
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The Fire-type has always been famed as one of the best offensive typing. This is a curious thing, to be quite honest, because its super effective hits are fairly absent in OU (the only Grass-type OU Pokemon is Celebi, whereas Weavile and Mamoswine are the only Ice-types in OU). However, the frequency with which Steel-type Pokemon (the last type that Fire hits super effectively) appear in OU, coupled with the lack of alternative super effective hits on the Steel-type, make it one of the most effective attacking types in the entire game.

Fire on the Offensive - OU

OU Fire-type Pokemon are all about raw power. Both of the OU Fire-types, Heatran and Infernape, have huge Special Attack stats with which they use to fire off (pun intended) monstrously powerful STAB Fire Blasts. Heatran in particular can even 2HKO certain Pokemon that resist its Fire Blast (such as Salamence). Infernape not only gets Fire Blast, but also comes equipped with Nasty Plot to make it even more fearsome, and STAB Close Combat to bring down those that could hope to wall its Fire Blast (such as Blissey).

While Fire-type Pokemon obviously love their dependable STAB Fire Blast and Flamethrower, Fire-type attacks are even more popular as coverage moves on Pokemon who cannot get past certain threats.

Most Dragon-type Pokemon will make use of any Fire-type attack at their disposal. Salamence will run Fire Blast on pretty much any set in order to hit Skarmory (in fact, Fire Blast is recommended on more sets than even Outrage is). Latios and Latias don't even get a good Fire-type move, but even still, 10% of all Latias will opt for Hidden Power Fire, if only to beat the high volume of Scizor. Gengar is in a similar vein in that it frequently runs Substitute along with Hidden Power Fire in order to bring the metal bug down. Almost every Pokemon that even semi-fears Skarmory or Scizor will consider running a Fire move on its set. Even Machamp, with its laughable Special Attack stat, will forgo an additional physical attack just to get a Fire-type move on its moveset. These examples display how effective the Fire-type is offensively, despite having some common resistances.

Fire on the Defensive - OU

Here is where the Fire-type really falls short. Where its offensive prowess is akin to Mike Tyson in his prime, its defensive properties are more closely related to a small child... with a skin disorder making their skin easily susceptable to punctures by Q-tips. Not only does Fire have a number of common weaknesses, (to Water-, Ground-, and Rock-type attacks) but one of those weaknesses comes with the incredibly nasty Stealth Rock weakness which strips off a crippling 25% upon switching in. It is interesting to note that there are no Stealth Rock weak Fire-type Pokemon in OU; they all have beneficial sub-typings that eliminate said weakness. The one saving grace to Fire-type Pokemon defensively is their resistance to Bug-type moves, and strangely enough to Steel-type attacks. These two resistances together make Fire-type Pokeon some of the best offensive switch-ins to Scizor, the most used Pokemon in OU. This alone affords Heatran, as well as Infernape, spots on offensively oriented teams, despite their otherwise scarce opportunities to switch in unharmed.

Fire on the Offensive - UU

Fire-types in UU come in two categories: incredibly powerful and ridiculously powerful. Compared to the defensive capabilities of the tier, Fire-type UU Pokemon have astonishingly bloated offensive stats. Even Pokemon that are resistant to Fire-type attacks can and will be 3HKOd by a STAB Fire Blast from the likes of Moltres, Blaziken, Houndoom, and Typhlosion. Typhlosion in particular can 2HKO a Chansey or Slowbro when equipped with a Choice Specs and a full power Eruption. And just when you thought you could take a special attack, Arcanine comes in to hit you with STAB Flare Blitz coming off a very respectable 110 base Attack. These Pokemon have necessitated the use of either a specially defensive Water-type (which is one of the many things attributing to Milotic's high usage) or one with STAB priority with which to take them down before they can get multiple hits in. The only thing that stops these behemoths is that they possess rather middling Speed, as well as having that damned Stealth Rock weakness. Their Stealth Rock death timer is generally the only thing standing between them and a clean sweep in UU.


Fire on the Defensive - UU

Where defensive Fire-type Pokemon aren't very useful in OU, In UU, the commonality of Bug-type attacks, as well as the raw defensive stats of Moltres (who also has access to Roost and Pressure) make using a defensive Fire-type Pokemon a bit more viable. While your choices are pretty much limited to either Moltres or Arcanine for a defensive Fire-type Pokemon, it's important to not underestimate either Pokemon defensively. Moltres can wall a slew of UU Pokemon and stall with Toxic while hitting the few Pokemon in the tier immune (Steel-type and Poison / Grass Pokemon) for super effective damage. Arcanine comes equiped with both Intimidate and Will-O-Wisp, as well as very respectable 95 base Speed making it not only bulky, but fast, a very frightening defensive combination. Additionally, Fire resists itself, so if you find yourself facing down the barrel of a choiced Fire-type attack (a common occurance with these powerful Fire-type attackers in UU), switching in your own Fire-type Pokemon is often an appealing option.


The Fire-type is also home to the ever useful defensive status effect, burn. Burned Pokemon have their Attack stat halved, and they take 12.5% damage at the end of each turn. This status effect is so useful that it is a staple status on nearly all stall teams. It's also a nice thing to have as a surprise status on offensive teams, aiding the ability of your offensive Pokemon to switch in on opponents.

Fire-type Pokemon also happen to be the only Pokemon immune to the burn status effect! Couple this with the fact that most users of Will-O-Wisp do not invest heavily in their Special Defense, and you begin to realize that Fire-type Pokemon are the best switch-ins to Ghost-type Pokemon like Rotom-A, Spiritomb, and Dusknoir, especially Heatran who, thanks to its Steel typing, takes less damage from Shadow Ball and other Ghost-type attacks.

Notable Fire-type Moves


Fire Blast - 85% Accuracy - 120 Base Power - 10% Chance on hit to inflict the burn status.

This is probably the most popular Fire-type attack in the game. Amazing power, with passable accuracy (better than Stone Edge, at least) makes this the bread and butter for any Fire-type's moveset, as well as Pokemon looking for Fire-type coverage.

Flamethrower - 100% Accuracy - 95 Base Power - 10% Chance on hit to inflict the burn status.

Here is the reliable alternative to the above option. However, you'd be surprised at how many OHKOs/2HKOs you miss out on when using this move (like Nasty Plot Infernape failing to OHKO Cresselia). However if you feel you can't afford a miss, like on a Pokemon such as Choice Scarf Heatran that may be holding your team together against threats like Swords Dance Lucario, this is an effective move.

Lava Plume - 100% Accuracy - 80 Base Power - 30% Chance on hit to inflict the burn status.

You would think that this move would get more love. I mean, other types settle for 80 Base Power for their strongest reliable STAB (Shadow Ball says "Hi"), and those moves don't have nearly as good a secondary effect as this one does. Nevertheless, this is a good choice for those looking to surprise their opponents with a burn.

Overheat - 90% Accuracy - 140 Base Power - Lowers user's Special Attack by two stages.

This would be such a better move if Fire Blast didn't exist. Sure, this has better power, but over two turns Fire Blast is hitting for way more. It has niche uses on Specs Pokemon looking to make the most of the one turn their in, but for all intents and purposes, Fire Blast is generally better.

Heat Wave - 90% Accuracy - 100 Base Power - 10% Chance on hit to inflict the burn status.

This move is notable not for its reliability or power, but for its distribution. This is the only Fire-type attack that many Pokemon get at all, but a lot of Pokemon have become even more viable now that they have access to this move (such as Zapdos, Nasty Plot Crobat, and Mixed Honchkrow).

Eruption - 100% Accuracy - Variable Base Power - Base Power depends on current HP (max of 150).

While its distribution is low, this is one of the best attacks in the game. It has ridiculous Base Power, and on its best user (Typhlosion) it has the ability to 2HKO even Pokemon that are resistant to it. If a Pokemon has access to this attack, it should probably use it.


Flare Blitz - 100% Accuracy - 120 Base Power - Deals 1/3 recoil to the user.

This thing is powerful; just as powerful as Fire Blast in fact. It would be better without the recoil, as the only users of this move (Infernape and Arcanine) aren't exactly the bulkiest things around. Nonetheless, it's still a ridiculously powerful move that one should be on the lookout for.

Fire Punch - 100% Accuracy - 75 Base Power - 10% Chance on hit to inflict the burn status.

Ah, the Fire-type elemental punch. It seems like anything with arms gets this move. Unfortunately due to its paltry power (and the fact that most Pokemon who are weak to Fire-type attacks have higher Defense stats) most Pokemon do not find room for this move on their movesets. Exceptions include Dragon Dance Tyranitar and Dusknoir hoping to hit Forretress hard.

Sacred Fire - 95% Accuracy - 100 Base Power - 50% Chance on hit to inflict the burn status.

Now we're talking: great Base Power, near perfect accuracy, and dear God a 50% chance to inflict the burn status!? Talk about your broke... oh, wait... the only Pokemon in the game who can learn this move is Ho-oh. More like talk about your wasted potential in move due to horrid distribution. Here's to futiley hoping eventually this move sees a bit more love.


Will-O-Wisp - 75% Accuracy - Inflicts the burn status.

If you've just been hit with a burn, it's most likely from this attack (otherwise you're probably saying something like "Ugh fucking hax"). This is your standard status ailment for pretty much every stall team in existence. It does its job really well, although man when it misses just when you need it to burn that Lucario... ugh, it's annoying.

Sunny Day - 100% Accuracy - Summons sunny weather for five turns.

I won't get into this move much, but let's just say that it sparks an entire archtype of team all on its own. That's pretty notable if you ask me.


As long as there is a Dragon / Steel dominated metagame, Fire will always be a great offensive typing. Whether it be through use of its incredibly powerful attackers, or just slapping Fire Blast on your physical attacker's moveset solely for Skarmory, Fire-type attacks are certainly some of the most potent, and are not going to go out of style any time soon.

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