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The tournaments scene is always buzzing with great battles, fierce rivalries, and tough tournaments. In this article, we'll be providing the most recent coverage of our tournaments, including OST, Smogon Tour, and a ton of others.

Official Smogon Tournament

The big news in tournaments lately is of course the OST. While we won't get into all of the drama surrounding Style, which ranged from cheating accusations to invasion of privacy, we will note that she was ultimately disqualified in the finals of the tournament. Every opponent she faced has now been given a second shot at the tour, as they've been rebracketed to face each other (R1 opponent vs R2 opponent, winner vs R3 opponent, etc.)

User Ultimario has had an incredible run so far. After being initially knocked out in Round 1 by Style, he's since been making good on his second chance. He's faced off against three very tough opponents so far in CrashinBoomBang, Bluwing, and BKC, but this dude's taken them all down. He seems quite determined to make his way up to WhiteQueen in the finals, but he still has to get through radianthero156, z0m(no g)OG ;-;, Doppelsoldner, and blunder to get there. We'll know by the end of the month just who of these five will be taking home the coveted yellow trophy.

Smogon Tour

After nine grueling weeks, the top cut for Smogon Tour has been decided. The results of each week's three tournaments, along with the current standing of every competitor, can be found here. PDC leads the pack with a very impressive 54 points, proving himself to be the most consistent battler throughout this tournament so far. In second place is a three-way tie between ZoroDark, cosine180, and Laurel, who each have 44 points. On the other end of the top 16, we see a tie for the last slot between Ojama and Stathakis, who will be squaring off for their chance to make it into the playoffs.

Live Tournaments

Tournament regulars have likely noticed a new sub-forum for Live Tournaments. The tournaments hosted here will play out similarly to Smogon Tour, though the types of tournaments featured and the times they are hosted will vary. So far, we've seen two series of tournaments take place here: Live Suspect Tours and Old Gens Tour Nights.

The Live Suspect Tours offered competitors an alternative to laddering for voting reqs. Depending on the number of signups, anywhere from 2 (64 battlers) to 8 (256 battlers) could earn the right to vote in the Aegislash suspect test by performing well. For both of these tournaments, Aegislash was legal.

The first Live Suspect Tour brought in 128 competitors, meaning the top four would all receive voting reqs. Reymedy defeated MattyBrollic in the finals to win the entire tour, and both of them gained voting rights along with semifinalists Style and FookMi?. The second Live Suspect Tour had 96 participants, meaning all three players in the round-robin finals would get Aegislash voting reqs. After a tough series, MetalGro$$ defeated McMeghan and Specterito to win his first ever Smogon tournament.

Old Gens Tour Nights have been going on in Ruins of Alph for several weeks, but with the addition of the new Live Tournaments sub-forum, the first tour of each night is hosted there. Despite some early luck for Imanalt in the finals of the ADV OU tournament, prozac was able to make a great comeback thanks to a well-timed flinch; the replay for that match is here. The following week's DPP UU tour saw dEnIsSsS, Bomber92, and ZoroarkForever making finals. dEnIsSsS was ultimately the night's winner, and the replays of his two battles (along with the followup DPP Ubers tour's finals) are here.

Other Tournaments

The format for this year's World Cup of Pokémon, for which signups will be kicking off May 30th, will include all past generations. Each team will have to fill five ORAS OU slots, along with a slot for each of the past five generations' OU tiers. This is the first time GSC and RBY will be featured in the tournament, the latter being a best-of-three series of games each round.

The Any Tier Tournament pitted players against each other in five tiers selected randomly from a list of 39 every round. The ability to adapt to different metagames was paramount for this tour. In the finals, Hantsuki squared off against pokebasket in ADV UU, BW OU, BW RU, ORAS NU, and GSC OU. The tight 3-2 finals ended in a win for pokebasket, who claimed victories in ADV UU, GSC OU, and ORAS NU.

The Return of the No Johns Tournament, which had 128 combatants, was quickly hosted in just two and a half weeks. This tour, which is fast-paced with no excuses allowed, featured BW OU, DPP OU, and ADV OU. The finals saw Reymedy and Leftiez face off. After losing his ADV battle, Reymedy came back with wins in DPP and BW to take the title of champion. The replays for all three battles are located here.

The finals of the It's No Use tournament also wrapped up recently. For every round of this tour, three common items would be banned while three less-common items would be required on each team. Malekith and Marshall.Law both entered the fray with Zoom Lens, Icy Rock, and Luminous Moss, and neither were allowed to bring Leftovers, Choice Scarf, or Rocky Helmet. Despite using Frustration on a Lopunny with maximum Happiness, Marshall.Law was able to win the battle thanks to his Baton Pass Gliscor. The final battle can watched here.

Finally, the ORAS LC tournament was a best-of-three tour featuring standard ORAS LC. The finals came down to mad0ka vs tazz. In both battles, mad0ka managed to keep momentum up on their side. A lucky Hydro Pump miss sealed the deal in game 1, which can be found here. mad0ka's U-turn team ensured that the match-up remained favorable throughout game 2, and tazz threw in the towel once down 2-4. The second replay can be seen here.

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