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By antemortem. Art by f(x).
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Hey, everyone—welcome to another exciting issue of The Smog! There hasn't been a Note from the Editor in several issues due to lack of necessity (and Toast has been off getting himself buttered), but we've undergone some pretty major changes, so having one is unavoidable this time around.

As you might have noticed, we've included Pokémon Showdown! and Tournaments categories in this release. This is because the other two Smogon webzines, The Competitor and The Player, have merged with The Smog so that all of the community's creative content is housed within one media outlet. We hope that culling all of our resources, media and staff alike, will result in the production of the highest quality entertainment and resources for your viewing pleasure!

Furthermore, it saddens us to announce that Bummer has stepped down as the webzine's Art Leader after two years at the helm. Don't worry—he'll be sticking around as Smogon's Art Leader, so you can continue to pester him to put your doodles on his fridge. In his absence, The Smog moderator princessofmusic will be taking up the position of Art Leader so that our artists remain organized for future releases.

As usual, we'd like to give an immense token of gratitude to all of our hard-working contributors, without whom this issue never would have taken off. We would love for even more contributors to come our way, so if you're interested in writing for The Smog, give the contribution guide a thorough read.

If you have any questions or comments about this issue or The Smog in general, you can pipe up within the release thread, send an email to thesmog[at]smogon[dot]com, or simply message any of the staff members directly.

Happy summer (or winter, depending on which hemisphere you're in)!

—antemortem and The Smog staff

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